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NeoLucida sells out 4 days into Kickstarter E-mail
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 22:43

When I was in art school it was standard practice for illustrators to use a device called the Lucigraph to project photo reference on to a surface and trace the image, then work up the rendering.

Thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign artists can get a NeoLucida. It's based upon the we recommend branded cialis same principle and a classic artist's tool. The guys who created the NeoLucida are professors. So far the campaign raised $406,012 of a $15,000 goal through 10,062 backers. In fact, the NeoLucida campaign has been so successful they've sold out of their inventory in just four days and will be offering the open source info instead for people to build their own. Here's video of what the NeoLucida is online levitra us about...

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