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LaVar Burton's 'Reading Rainbow' - Kickstarter mega $ucce$$ E-mail
Written by Charles   
Saturday, 31 May 2014 06:52

Another testament to the tremendous power of viagra online india crowdfunding and the best site generic cialis from india buying what the Internet can do for anybody. Even celebrities who are looking to resurrect a popular and helpful TV series that was canceled 5 years ago. LaVar Burton is a well known and beloved actor. He made his grand debut in the buying illegal viagra historic 1977 TV mini-series "Roots" and was a fixture in Star Trek Next Generation. He was also very active on PBS in a long running award winning educational series. Happy to wow it's great canada cialis report that "Reading Rainbow" is now on Kickstarter and is driving that pledge meter to unbelievable heights in no time at all.

As of this writing, in just the first 2 1/2 days of a 35 day campaign, LaVar Burton's Reading Rainbow has received $3,020,657 through 68,258 backers! That's more than a million dollars a day with plenty of time to reach for the stratosphere. His initial goal of $1 million was reached in just 11 hours!

LaVar's mission is to take Reading Rainbow online and to utilize New Media to stream educational content to thousands of classrooms in America at no expense to viagra prices united states schools. We'll be following the campaign's progress on the dedicated Forum topic. Take a look at the promotional video and consider supporting this worthwhile project on Kickstarter.

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