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Stephen Silver's 'PoseBook' for iPad and order viagra online iPhone
Written by Charles   
Saturday, 03 December 2011 16:19

A leading figure in our community in developing an independent aspect to their career, Stephen Silver is an outstanding character designer, teacher, motivator, author, publisher, and world renowned caricature artist. His latest publication is yet another masterful work. PoseBook is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their fundamental skills and advance artistically.

Stephen produced PoseBook by taking photos of costumed models and rotating them. It's full of excellent reference as well as specialty content. Posebook is iPad and iPhone ready. There's more info concerning Stephen's creations here. Mr. Silver describes his latest work in the video below.

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Disney's 'John Carter of london uk buy generic viagra Mars' coming March 9, 2012
Written by Charles   
Friday, 02 December 2011 07:31

The trailer for a highly anticipated movie is finally out. The upcoming "John Carter' from Walt Disney Pictures has been a topic in development for some time on discount cialis the AN Forums with stills from the film, movie poster designs and other items. Now there's the trailer to search viagra enjoy.

Oscar winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton brings us a sweeping action-adventure epic on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars). John Carter is based on the series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and tells the story of a war-weary military captain who is inexplicably transported to Mars and becomes embroiled in a conflict amongst the inhabitants of the planet, whose destiny lies in his hands.

And for a special treat, how about a look at some animation from the 1930s intended to be a production of the same title. Narrated by the great Bob Clampett, you can see it here.

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Produce Animated Music Videos with Aniboom
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 01 December 2011 21:54

It's never been easier to produce animated music videos than it is today thanks to Aniboom. Independent musicians can now collaborate with thousands of animation professionals from around the world to see their music video become an animated reality at the Aniboom Animation Marketplace.

Aniboom is the world’s first virtual animation studio. They've recently launched the Aniboom Animation Marketplace, an online database to post a project or concept and collaborate with thousands of animation professionals from around the world. You can post your song title and track, description, video concept, character designs or whatever you've got, in the Aniboom Animation Marketplace right now to cialis quick start receiving offers from qualified animators. Click here to access the levitra generic cheap Create a Task form. There's more info about this exciting news from Aniboom here.

I've been developing a content oriented topic on the AN Forums for a while now dedicated to animated short films featured through Aniboom on YouTube. Click here to see a variety of excellent animation I've accumulated thanks to Aniboom.

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Ormie the Pig - Award winning short
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 22:31

Check out this animated short film. It made the festival circuit last year and won 8 major awards including Best Short Film at the Savannah Film Fest 2010, Palm Springs International Shorts Fest 2010, Sprockets 2010, Seattle International Film Festival 2010 and the Audience Award at the New York International Children's Film Festival 2011. From Arc Productions in Canada, written and directed by Rob Silvestri, there's a Facebook page associated with the film. Forum topic is here.

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'Snowflake the White Gorilla' coming December 23, 2011
Written by Charles   
Monday, 28 November 2011 17:23

More animation to enjoy is on the way thanks to a film hailing from Spain. "Snowflake the White Gorilla" will be released for the Holiday Season. Directed by Andres G. Schaer, the movie follows the cialis transdermal adventures of sale propecia a white gorilla who is not accepted by the other animals at the Barcelona Zoo because of the color of his fur. He embarks on a journey to find a magic potion that will turn him into an ordinary black gorilla, and meets several friends along the way who help him escape the clutchs of the villain Luc de Sac. The CG animated gorilla is created by Muf Animaton and Filmax. The Forum topic is here and the trailer is below. Although it's in Spanish, you still get a good idea as to what's being communicated for those not familiar with the language.

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