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Happy Feet Two on the way - November 18, 2011
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 19:06

A new trailer from Warner Bros for "Happy Feet Two" went online today. Here it is...

Follow this link to the AN Forums to see other trailers from the viagra usa movie that have been posted, along with the link to the film's official website.

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David Wolter's "Eyrie"
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 08:11

Prior to attending Cal Arts, David Wolter was a student of is pfizer viagra available in india mine taking Character Design at The Animation Academy in Burbank, California.

I've been aware of this film for a while now, waiting for the opportunity to showcase it. It's available for public viewing on YouTube, so it's safe to discount site viagra share the video of David's fine hand drawn animated short film.

In addition to the final version, the animatic for Eyrie is available for review as well. Check out the planning for this film by heading to the corresponding topic on the AN Forums.

Word is that David is now employed at DreamWorks. Congratulations DreamWorks! You've got yourself another highly talented artist on staff.

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John Lasseter's Hawaiian Shirt Collection
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 26 July 2011 22:23

AN's new homepage is viagra pills set up to feature video, so I've been thinking about which video to feature first. It came to me that I recently embedded something in the General Discussion Fourm that would be a perfect start to this aspect of AN's homepage.

John Lasseter has an expansive Hawaiian shirt collection, and in this video, he takes us on a personal tour of his closet. It occured on the best choice April 1, a day which is significant to buy drug propecia AnimationNation.

So here's Mr. Lasseter at home, sharing his vast array of shirt designs with us, and we see that like everyone else, he puts his shirt on one sleeve at a time.  

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Celaction2D software of choice for Aardman
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 26 July 2011 17:22


Andy Blazdell, Founder and cheapest cialis to buy online CEO of Celaction Ltd and developer of buy viagra with discount Celaction2D animation software, has been a long standing member and supporter of AnimationNation for many years.

I'm happy to report the news that Aardman Animation has chosen Celaction2D software for their latest production.

Here's the press release...


Aardman chooses CelAction for Tate Movie Project

London, UK (26 July 2011) – CelAction is pleased to announce the viagra cost with prescription completion of “The Itch Of The Golden Nit” by Aardman Animations and Tate. This half-hour film was created using ideas and drawings from literally thousands of children aged 5-13 years old, and animated by Aardman’s team. Voices were provided by stars such as David Walliams, Rik Mayall, Catherine Tate and Alexei Sayle.

CelAction2D was the animation software selected by Aardman to maintain the hand-drawn quality of the characters, and to enable them to be animated quickly and to a high quality by the production team.

For more news about this project follow the link to AN's General Discussion Forum. You can also visit Celaction's site here.

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AN Night Art Jam - July 26, 2011
Written by Charles   
Monday, 25 July 2011 18:52

It started as an annual meeting on April 1, 1999 and has since evolved into a monthly get together on the last Tuesday of the month in Burbank, California.

AnimationNation Night is an opportunity for the community to get together socially and tramadol shipped cod enjoy each other's company in many ways. Each AN Night is different. We normally feature guest speakers, occassionally we'll have screenings as well. Some of our guest in the past include Don Bluth, Disney's Dohn Hahn and Paul Felix, Peter Chung of 'Aeon Flux' fame, many of the industry's top artists and influential personalities.

The next AN Night we'll be doing something different. We'll be hosting an Art Jam. The event is free and everyone is welcome. For more information click here to head to the forum topic. For more info about AN Night in general click here.

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