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"Cinnamon" by Piel - Snakebite Cortez
Written by Charles   
Monday, 17 November 2014 16:48

Long time proto ANer and buy viagra from china brother in arms Snakebite Cortez has become a master video editor and creator with this latest work. In addition to the brilliant Photoshop skills he's become known for in his many years in the we choice buy cialis paypal animation and comics industry, he's taken his unique artistic vision in new directions with video cinematography, FX and editing.

Here's "Cinnamon" by the musical duo Piel. Consisting of the uber talented Tiki Lewis and Jonathan Burkes, several other exception artists participated in the video's production including the renowned Samee Tatu on Makeup and Style.

I was fortunate to be at the premiere screening of Cinnamon recently and am happy to feature it here on AN. Enjoy the video and purchase the song here.

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'Recipe for Gruel' - Sharon Smith
Written by Charles   
Saturday, 15 November 2014 21:16

A traditionally animated video that not only describes the best viagra price way many people live today but the Orwellian future we could be facing if we allow government to get to the point where it dictates even how we would properly prepare gruel. Sharon Smith is a Canadian born artist who resides in London. She directed, designed and animated "Recipe for Gruel" and was backed by several other talented individuals in its production. After a successful tour of the festival circuit the film is now available online for all to see...

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'Saving Harry' - Wildlife Aid
Written by Charles   
Friday, 14 November 2014 19:31

Once upon a time there were 30 million hedgehogs in Great Britain. Today there are only about 1 million left. If current trends continue they could be extinct in urban areas as soon as 2025. This visually appealing and highly stylized video was produced to help the situation.

Directed by Kris Hofmann with beautiful illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann, additional credits include Model Maker/ Joe James, Puppeteer/ Amber Donovan, Director of Photography/ Mirko Beutler, Sound Design/ Alexander Zlamal, and 2d Animation/ Lilian Fuamong other talented artists and technicians.

You can help preserve hedgehogs in the UK by donating to Wildlife Aid. Enjoy "Saving Harry"...

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Stash 108 - More Animation Brilliance
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 20:10

Another 31 brilliant animation, VFX and motion design projects have been added to the Stash Permanent Collection through Stash 108. Over 110 minutes of inspiration and insight including their biggest line up of behind the scenes features yet plus exclusive interviews with the designers, directors and producers behind the brilliance. 

Commercials, broadcast design, music videos, brand films, game cinematics and short films, they're all here in the planet's largest online video design library and an indispensable creative resource for professionals and sale tramadol students in over 50 countries.

Subscribe to Stash and gain instant access to the largest online library of Animation, VFX and Motion Design. You can also enjoy Stash free for 30 days

Stream, search and build your own playlists from over 4000 exceptional projects including commercials, music videos, virals, broadcast and title designs, game cinematics, short films, behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews, plus production notes, credits, toolkits and links for every project. 

Check out this preview of Stash 108 and see what's in store...

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'The Nature of War' - StoryCorps
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 19:31

Another moving animated short from StoryCorps is online. This one entitled "The Nature of War" and involves an episode in the Iraq conflict that has affected the lives of many people both in the Middle East and the best price for propecia online USA as well as other countries. This is the tale of an American soldier who befriended two Iraqi children. Directed by the Rauch Brothers with Art Direction by Bill Wray. Several other talented artists worked on the production. You can find more videos from StoryCorps that have been featured on AN over the years at this link.

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