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'Miracle Mouse' Kickstarter Campaign
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 15 November 2012 18:57

Here's a brand new Kickstarter campaign that's just launched. Tom Hignite who's been a member of levitra superactive the AN Forums for many years has also been developing his own animated project during that time. A home builder in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, Tom's been producing "Miracle Mouse" as a feature film project intended not only to entertain but to cialis in mexico help keep 2D traditional hand drawn animation alive and kicking in our medium.

Tom's been admirably dedicated to developing the Miracle Mouse project. The late Ernest Borgnine, one of Hollywood's greatest actors, voiced a part in the production making Miracle Mouse the last project he worked on in his life. His performance was completed by Rich Little, a legendary voice impersonator. There are many notable voice actors and animation talent connected to Miracle Mouse. 

Here's the link to the Miracle Mouse Kickstarter campaign. The target is what better viagra or cialis $250,000 in 30 days. Below is video of Miracle Mouse showing its excellent production quality followed by Tom Hignite describing some of the awards available to those who pledge their support. Good luck Tom and everyone at Miracle Studios!

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'Chick n' Slice' by Lavalle Lee
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 18:02

Here's something that Lavalle Lee posted on AN's Gallery that he intends to develop and pitch to a network. We're getting an early look at his project "Chick n' Slice". A witty concept whose main characters are a piece of chicken and a slice of pizza as they attempt to head to look there canadian viagra without prescription Antarctica in an effort to preserve themselves. It took Lavalle a year and seven months to get this far with his video and we at AN wish him the best as he moves forward with this endeavor. Lavalle is known for the popular Traditional Animation blog he maintains as well as Here's the Forum topic where some Chick n' Slice pencil tests are available to view along with additional links including a little video game challenge

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I'm Fine Thanks - Eamonn O'Neill
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 21:43

Winner of many prestigious awards through its film festival run last year Eamonn O'Neill of the Royal College of Art in London has had a lot of critical recognition for his film "I'm Fine Thanks". A full list of accolades, screenings and tramadol boys online production credits can be found here. Enjoy this unusual and highly acclaimed video...

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'Monday' - The Magnificent Itch
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 16:41

Step out of your daydream and into your "Monday". Or is it the other way around? It's an open ended question when it comes to this animated short by The Magnificent Itch based in Sydney, Australia. Directed by Stefan Wernik and Guy Jamieson and produced by Lisa Madden along with many talented individuals who participated in the creation of the film. For more info about Monday and a full list of credits click here. Enjoy the video any day of generic levitra no prescription the week...

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'Boss Monster' - More Kickstarter $ucce$$
Written by Charles   
Monday, 12 November 2012 17:56

Not only are film projects happening at Kickstarter but just about every creative endeavor you can imagine. This one involves a card game called "Boss Monster". With 6 days left in the campaign and with an initial goal of $12,000 the project has reached $131,912 through 3,118 backers so far. Incredible results! All sorts of exciting things are happening in the creative community thanks to crowdfunding. Projects that would likely never see the light of day through the status quo system are suddenly experiencing great success by connecting directly with fans. Check out the Boss Monster campaign here along with the promotional video...

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