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'Sensory Overload' by Miquel Jiron
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 04:41

Part of the Interacting with Autism Project, "Sensory Overload" is directed and just try! generic viagra indian animated by Miguel Jiron. Some people with autism have difficulty processing intense, multiple sensory experiences at once. The film gives us a glimpse at how often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life and how this is assimilated by those with autism. Interacting with Autism is a three year transmedia project pioneered by Mark Harris and funded by the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ).

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Sneak Peek at Disney's new Fantasyland
Written by Charles   
Monday, 29 October 2012 17:35

Lavalle Lee of gave us a look at the new Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World through a post on the levitra 5mg Forums. He's provided lots of still shots on his blog along with exlusive video which we'll embed here for all to see. Thanks Lavalle!

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Michel Gagne's 'Saga of Rex' on Kickstarter
Written by Charles   
Friday, 26 October 2012 18:33

We've had a long and positive relationship with the great Michel Gagne. He was a member of buy viagra no rx canada AN for many years. An extraordinary animation talent who's successful independently as well as through his association with the studios.

Michel has a Kickstarter campaign in the works involving his ongoing project "The Saga of Rex". Michel is attempting to make a film on a shoestring budget that will look like it cost many times its production cost while using his production blog to price check 50mg viagra share what he learns, divulge knowledge and give a real insight into his process. A great crash course for students in making a classically animated film.

Michel's goal is $15,000 and just three days into it he's already at $10,787 as of this writing. Click here to see the Saga of Rex Kickstarter campaign and consider supporting it. Here's Michel's himself to explain the project. You can also see more of Michel's animation on the Forum topic.

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'The Real Bears' by Lucas Zanotto
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 25 October 2012 22:29

I very much admire animation that has a significant and beneficial message for us all. This film by Lucas Zanotto does exactly that. A parody on the Cocal-Cola Polar Bear commercials, "The Real Bears" shows what can happen to your health as a result of sugary drink and soda pop intake. Music and sound by Nikolai von Sallwitz backed by many creative people who contributed to the production.

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'Star Citizen' - More Kickstarter $ucce$$
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 25 October 2012 17:07

Can't get enough of the crowdfunding phenomenon and campaigns that flaunt conventional wisdom and are successful as a result. "Star Citizen" is a PC based video game that Chris Roberts of Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries is developing.

Chris says that "traditional publishers don't believe in PC or Space Sims. Venture Capitalists only want to back mobile or social gaming start ups. We say they're wrong. We say that there is a large audience of PC gamers that want sophisticated games built for their platform. And inside this audience, a significant group of link for you lowest cost viagra online free shipping people that have always loved space games, and if given a quality one again will be happy to play it."

Looks like a lot of people agree with him as the Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign is off to i recommend buying viagra in canada a magnificent start raising $602,501 of a $500,000 goal as of this writing in less than 5 days of a 30 day campaign! Another Kickstarter effort that looks to break into the where to order viagra online millions of dollars before its deadline. This is in addition to $1,445,125 he's already raised through his fan base on his website.

Here's the video for the Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign in which Chris Roberts explains what he's attempting to achieve.

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