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"Le Son des Flammes" - Vincent Gibaud
Written by Charles   
Sunday, 21 December 2014 22:25

The narrative in this fine student film is try it generic levitra from canada purification by fire. "Le Son des Flammes" is translated as "The Sound of Flames". Created and tramadol availability in canada directed by Vincent Gibaud at LISAA which is a college of applied arts in France with four campuses in the country. He is also credited with Concept Art, Storyboard, Layout, Background and Color Design.

Rounding out the production team are Alizée Laffitau with Animation FX and Character Design, Yann Leroy with Compositing, Lighting and Texturing, Charlotte Guittet with Rigging and Animation Victor Lacotte with Animation, and Julia Robin with Animation, Concept Art and Character Design. Sound Design is by Benjamin Gex-Fabry and Music by Yann Tambour and Boubacar Cissokho of Stranded Horse. The "making of" video follows...

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"Song of we recommend viagra made in india the Sea" - NY & Toronto Dec 19 '14 - LA Jan 9 '15
Written by Charles   
Friday, 19 December 2014 02:29

Tom Moore's "Song of the Sea" will be screened in New York City and order viagra prescription Toronto on December 19 2014 followed by Los Angeles on January 9 2015. For more info visit this link. Ireland based Cartoon Saloon is the studio behind the project along with Norlum in Denmark, Studio 352 in Luxembourg, and Digital Graphics in Belgium. HoBSoft is the production system behind this wonderful movie. You can learn more about how the system was structured by foillowing this link to the AN Forum topic.

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"Little Computer People" - Zach Cohen
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 18 December 2014 19:48

The perfect blend of genius and madness. What makes an animator's brain come up with what they come up with? The question is rhetorical as nobody can really say. Just watch the film and enjoy, that's the best approach.

Here's "Little Computer People" featuring Powaman by Zach Cohen who's based in Israel, with music by Paul Weinstein aka Chipocrite...

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"Panda Bear - Boys Latin" - Encyclopedia Pictura
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 21:51

There is no shortage of brilliance in animation worldwide as can be seen in this video from Encyclopedia Pictura of San Francisco entitled "Panda Bear - Boys Latin". What is where to order cheap viagra has to buying viagra in the santo domingo do with the viagra sales content of the film I don't know but watching this remarkable display of animated ingenuity you can't help but wonder what the producers were thinking or how they get their ideas.

Directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch and backed by many talented individuals participating in its creation...

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"Rabbit and Deer" - Peter Vacz - MOME Animation
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 23:59

Take a look at this animated film and you'll know why "Rabbit and Deer" by Peter Vacz won 120 awards from 300 festivals screenings in 63 countries. Now it's available to view online. A graduation project from MOME Animation in Budapset, Hungary. Backed by a very talented team who've committed their expertise to the endeavor. You can follow Peter Vacz on Facebook. Enjoy the wonderful video...

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