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United We Brand: Artists Against Apathy - iMovement
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:36

The creative community in animation has a long way to go to reach balance and economic equality with many other sectors of the entertainment industry. Much of what we contend with has to do with our own apathy and buy cialis generic inability to form new business models and move aggressively into the future dealing head on with issues that have plagued us and which have made us second class citizens within our own home. Case in point the struggle that VFX artists are currently experiencing in motion picture production. Actors, writers, voice over artists all receive residuals and enjoy economic benefits that artists are denied. It doesn't have to be this way!

Fortunately someone has been motivated enough to take action. Chance Raspberry of "The Simpsons" fame has started an initiative that AnimationNation is wholeheartedly supporting and I hope that you will too. It's called UNITED WE BRAND: ARTISTS AGAINST APATHY. An iMovement that is fresh out of the box. To learn more about United We Brand: Artists Against Apathy and what the effort is aiming to buy cialis without rx achieve watch the cialis brand video below. Please sign the petition and encourage others to do the same and help to spread the word. You can also access the United We Brand iMovement's Facebook page here and give it a like.

Thank you Chance for taking the first step in what we all hope will evetually lead to a new way of doing things for artists in animated entertainment and hopefully around the world as well. We can have it if we want it. It begins with education, dedication, determination and unity! Everyone is encouraged to particpate in the discount on cialis UWB:AAA iMovement. Use the venues to post your comments, share your videos and become an active part of the change that's on the way!

EDIT: Here's the link to the Forum topic that Chance started.

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AnimationNation 14 Years Today - ARTISTS UNITE
Written by Charles   
Monday, 25 February 2013 23:50

Forgive me for not being as eloquent as I would like. I've been creating videos for the past couple of purchase viagra new zealand weeks in anticipation of what is levitra online on the way only a few hours from now. The more practice I get the better I'll be at this.

I've been promoting it on the Forums. Now it's time to viagra 100mg pills bring it to our front door. There's a much needed and good online place to buy viagra long overdo Artists' Movement on cheap viagra cialis levitra the way! Please support the initiative and help spread the word!

Animation Artists and Artists the viagra canada generic world over! It's time that we took control of our collective destinies! AnimationNation has been dedicated to industry reform on behalf of the creative community. We launched our movement 14 years ago today! Since 1999 we've been at the vanguard on behalf of artists everywhere! Now's the time to take action and commit to change! Let's forge a future that is beneficial to us all! We can do it if we unite and believe in each other and in what we can achieve together!

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2013 Oscars - Hollywood's disrespect for VFX artists
Written by Charles   
Monday, 25 February 2013 04:54

If you watched tonight's Academy Awards you would have seen how disrespectful the Academy was towards Visual FX artists. The Oscar was given to "Life of Pi" which was the work of Rhythm & Hues. A major FX house who had won Oscars before with a long and successful track record of servicing the motion picture and commercial animation industries. They declared bankruptcy the other day and this has thrown a big spotlight on the problems within that sector of sale propecia motion picture production.

I did several projects for R&H back in the mid 1990s and as recently as August 2008. My experiences were always very positive. I had a high regard for the studio and felt fortunate to be associated with them. On behalf of my professional colleagues within the animation community whose magnificent and inspiring work drives the indian pharmacy viagra box office for a Hollywood system whose practices become more questionable with each passing day, you deserve much better treatment and consideration than what we see in the video from this evening's Academy Awards.

VFX artists protested today in Hollywood. Since my viewing of the video it's been taken down from YouTube. Here's the embedded video in homage to buy ultram online no prescription canada VFX Artists. Even though it is not currently there rest assured that it was. When it returns in its entirety I'll make it available here on AN's Frontpage. In solidarity with the VFX community...

EDIT: The entire experience is now available for all to see on Vimeo...

EDIT: It was taken off of Vimeo as well but it's resurfaced on YouTube once again. Also everything posted on Rhythm & Hues' Twitter by their community since last evening concerning this issue has been deleted and replaced with generic announcements about the Oscar win.

EDIT: Here's the topic on the AnimationNation Forums.

EDIT: Once again the video has been removed from YouTube. What does that tell you about Hollywood? Let's try again. No matter how hard they try and quell the truth it will come out...

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Michael Jackson 'Lego Dance' - Annette Jung
Written by Charles   
Sunday, 24 February 2013 10:22

Animating in Germany Annette Jung has been producing many short films over several years. A 2005 graduate of the University of Film and buy discount cialis Televsion in Pottsdam she created this bit of Michael Jackson movement using Legos. This is particularly appreciated by yours truly as I hail from the same hometown as the Jacksons and was born in the same hospital as Michael and his brothers. Here is Annette's remarkable "Lego Dance"...

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'Six Degrees' - Dennis Hall
Written by Charles   
Sunday, 24 February 2013 04:02

Here's a really nice animated commercial concept for Nike by Dennis Hall. It's called "Six Degrees of Separation: Lebron James Nike Commercial Animation Test (Work in Progress).  Strong hand drawn aggressive animation that evokes dynamic energy. The coloring is by Lunai Hirai. This looks to be the tramadol for codeine addiction first video for a new presence on Vimeo. Looking forward to more! 

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