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'Katachi' - Shugo Tokumaru
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 24 January 2013 19:52

Check out this intriguing use of cutouts and frame by frame animation by Shugo Tokumaru. The film's title "Katachi" is Japanese for "shape". The video was produced with approximately 2000 silhouettes from plastic plates using a computer controlled cutter by Dawid Krzyzanowski.

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Protest The Hero - Big indiegogo $ucce$$
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 19:58

This isn't directly related to animation but its significance is something I feel should be shared with the community. It underscores the dramatic changes that are taking place in the cheapest viagra uk cheap way business is done for creative enterprises through crowdfunding.

A rock group from Canada called Protest The Hero recently fulfilled their contracts with record labels and have turned to viagra order no prescription their fans to fund their fourth full-length album through a campaign with indiegogo. Within hours of launching, the band smashed through it’s $125,000 goal and is on its way to doubling that total. Currently they're at $228,885 and there's still 23 days left to the campaign. Is this the future of business for artists, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs and creative people in general? More and more that looks to be the case. A new era is dawning. These are exciting times!

Here's the link to the Protest The Hero campaign on visit web site cheapest viagra 50 mg indiegogo. Take a look at their promotional video and you'll see how crowdfunding is helping musicians break the hold of record labels...

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Rocks in My Pockets - Signe Baumane - Kickstarter
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 02:14

A crowdfunding campaign is on for an animated project by Signe Baumane out of Brooklyn, New York. It's called "Rocks in My Pockets" and it looks to be something different. A funny film involving the serious subject of depression. That's a positive way to approach it by producing a film! So far there's 205 backers pledging $17,020 of a $42,800 goal with 23 days to go. A very achievable campaign in progress. Here's the link to Rocks in My Pockets on Kickstarter. We'll be following the results on the buy zetia online uk Forum topic. Some footage from the film to buying viagra online safe view...

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'Wildman' - Gas Powered $1.1 Mil - Kickstarter
Written by Charles   
Monday, 21 January 2013 02:33
An ambitious crowdfunding campaign has launched on Kickstarter. The project is cialis 200mg an action oriented role-playing game called "Wildman" from Gas Powered Games in Redmond, Washington. They're shooting for $1,100,00 and with 25 days left in the campaign they're at $262,844 through 5.022 backers so far. Not a bad start at all considering GPG is at roughly 25% of the goal with only 15% of the campaign time passed. Here's a link to Wildman on Kickstarter.
The concept development art is excellent and GPG has a great track record and cheapest viagra a large community. I expect this campaign to exceed the financing they're looking to reach as it's well worth supporting. Crowdfunding is changing the dynamics of buy tramadol 300 project financing and altering the way that business is conducted in extremely beneficial ways for creative individuals and groups involved with intellectual properties. I'll be discussing this in depth as the campaign is followed on the Forum topic.

Here's Chris Taylor the founder of GPG to describe what the wow look it generic cialis soft tabs 20mg Wildman campaign is about...

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The Animation Academy Celebrates 15 Years
Written by Charles   
Sunday, 20 January 2013 00:12

If you enjoy AnimationNation you'll appreciate The Animation Academy in Burbank, California. It was the Academy's community that inspired the AN Movement in 1999 after the school got its start on January 19, 1998. The Academy has been a big influence in animation  and continues to affect the industry in very positive ways. By placing a strong emphasis on we like it cialis canada prescription the development of solid fundamental artistic skills as they apply to animation we've had an extraordinary record of success with a great many of our students. January 19, 2013 marks the 15th anniversary of our first class! Read all about our humble beginnings at the Academy's blog and always remember to Keep Creating!

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