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'Free Charles Byrne the Irish Giant' - Animated Documentary - Fay Heady-Carroll
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 17:33

This animated video went online just 3 days ago on March 17 2013 St. Patrick's Day. It's about a figure from Irish history whose name was Charles Byrne. He was called the Irish Giant. Stood more than 8 feet tall and died at a very young age. Only 22 years old.

His final wish was to have his mortal remains tossed into the ship free viagra sample sea so that his bones would not be publicly displayed. Alas, that was not the case and now there is buy viagra las vegas a movement in place to grant Mr. Byrne the dignity in death that he requested while in life. Please visit for info.

"Free Charles Byrne the Irish Giant" is directed by Fay Heady-Carroll.

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'Despicable Me 2' - Illumination - July 3 2013
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 10:02

The latest trailer for the sequel to "Despicable Me" is out appropriately entitled "Despicable Me 2" coming to theaters July 3 2013. Illumination Entertainment is the studio behind the movie and here's the film's offficial website.

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Stash 98 - Inspiration and Insight
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 18:20

Stash 98 delivers over 100 minutes of intense inspiration and insight with incredible animation and VFX projects from the planet’s top talent including 31 new projects complete with detailed production notes, toolkits and buy zithromax online uk links, plus Behind the Scenes features, exclusive interviews and the newest advanced training course from Digital Tutors.

Subscribe to 50 mg cialis Stash and gain instant access to the largest online library of Animation, VFX and Motion Design.

Join Stash at COLLIDER in New York on June 9-11 2013 and discover the right tools and strategies to solve your most pressing production, creative and staffing issues.

Complete with conference, job fair and master classes, COLLIDER gathers animation, VFX and design studios and talent in mid-town Manhattan for three days of problem-solving talks, hard-hitting panels, top-level networking and serious job hunting.

Click here for Collider Super Early Bird Conference and look here buy accutane uk Job Fair tickets.
Check out this video preview of Stash 98...

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Cyanide and Happiness - Record Kickstarter $ucce$$
Written by Charles   
Monday, 18 March 2013 19:03

Take as look at this animation project folks. Do you think it would have a chance in traditional media? Think that the gatekeepers would ever approve it if it was pitched? Do you think the artists behind it would find employment at a local studio based on their work?

None the less, they've got a property that has gone way beyond the previous Kickstarter record for the animated film category set by Blur Studios and "The Goon". This one is called "The Cyanide and Happiness Show". The campaign wrapped up yesterday on March 17 2013 and has reached a remarkable level for something that the system would normally overlook.

14, 242 backers pledged $770,309 of a $250,000 30 day goal!

The team consists of four individuals in Dallas, Texas who go by the name of They purposely stayed independent since first creating the project as an online comic in 2004 and look at what they accomplished as a result! Check out the video to find out more. The Forum topic is here.

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How will 3D Printing change the world?
Written by Charles   
Sunday, 17 March 2013 19:17

This was brought to us through a Forum topic by Snakebite Cortez. Imagine the possibilities of 3D printing. Imagine what this technology will mean for artists. Think about what we'll be able to do when it becomes accessible to all. Consider a computer modeled character that can be 3D printed one item at a time like print on demand publishing is today. Think of how this will empower independent toy designers and artists of order discount cialis online every level who'll be able to turn their computer generated concepts into hard copy products. This is a great new era we're entering and it will serve us all well as we embrace the technologies that will make developing an independent aspect to soft tab generic cialis online pharmacy our careers even that much more feasible.

Watch this video to learn more...

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