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Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo - Crowdfunding redefined
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 22:48

I'm a big fan of the crowdfunding phenomenon as you know based upon my many posts supporting these efforts over the only now lowest price generic cialis no perscription past few years. Both here on AN's homepage and it's cool viagra mail order on the Forums. Although this isn't necessarily animation related it is still very much worthy of expanded attention.

The most successful crowdfunding campaign in history is the Ouya video game console on buy uk viagra Kickstarter last year achieving $8,596,474 in 30 days. Now that record is shop for viagra cheap well on its way to being surpassed. This time it's the Ubuntu Edge smartphone campaign on Indiegogo.

So far in just 8 days they've raised $7,406,076. With 22 days left in the campaign their goal is a mind blowing $32,000,000. It's a fixed funding campaign so they need to reach that level in order to succeed in securing the finances they raised. The deadline is August 21 2013 so we'll see what happens. Meanwhile consider the significance of this campaign and what it means to further establishing the crowdfunding process as a very viable means of raising large sums of money for worthwhile endeavors whatever they may be and expanding the the best site propecia canada pharmacy boundaries of independent success. 

Check out the campaign and the video below. We'll be following the progress of the Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo on the Forum topic

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'The Mighty T' - The Academy
Written by Charles   
Sunday, 28 July 2013 18:41

Here's a great cartoon in the glorious tradition of hand drawn classic character animation. It hails from The Academy which is a creative collaborative in Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. The director is Colin Hesterly with animation and character design by Yassir Rasan. The video is in support of buy viagra online from canada the Ben Towne Foundation which is dedicated to levitra professional international mail order childhood cancer research.  

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The Art of Jeff Victor - Kickstarter - August 22 2013
Written by Charles   
Saturday, 27 July 2013 01:01

There's a crowdfunding campaign in progress by a talented artist. Jeff Victor is an illustrator working in the industry. He's looking to publish a book featuring his art. Here's the link to his Kickstarter campaign which wraps up on August 22 2013. Check out the video below. If you like what you see then consider supporting Jeff's project and help to make it a reality.

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'Gracht' - Joost de look here cialis 20 mg Jong & Nick Groeneveld
Written by Charles   
Friday, 26 July 2013 00:14

Here's an animated video that features characters which look like porceline figurines that move. Uniquely original visuals in this short film entitled "Gracht". There's several talented individuals behind it including Joost de Jong, and Nick Groeneveld among many others.

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'Tumbleweed Tango' - Humble TV
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:34

You'll love this film by Humble TV of New York City. The allegory reminds me of... life. Great concept wonderfully animated.

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