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Animator discovers Lincoln photo Gettysburg 1863
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 09:38

It's not every day that the buy prescription cialis without national news features an animator discovering something of hydrochlorothiazide cialis profound historic significance for America but that's the case today. in his research at the University of North Carolina-Asheville instructor  Christopher Oakley found an image in a rare photo taken at Gettysburg just before Abraham Lincoln gave his famous speech. It appears that one of the figures in that photo is generic viagra online price none other than Abraham Lincoln himself. Ironically it was 150 years ago this summer that the famous battle took place.

 Christopher is a former animator at DreamWorks and levitra brand name Disney. Here's his personal website.

You can read this fascinating article in its entirety at the Forum topic.

Here's a look at the photo. Lincoln is highlighted in the center.

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'Dawgtown' on Kickstarter - October 20 2013
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:13

There's a crowdfunding campaign in progress on Kickstarter for an animated feature in progress. It's called "Dawgtown" and the creators are attempting to raise $75,000 by October 20 2013 to fund the pre-production of the film and position themselves for moving the project to the next level.

Dawgtown is being produced by Off Center Pictures of Jacksonville, Florida. The story concerns a young Pitbull named Max who is taken from his owner and thrown into the brutal world of underground dog fighting. As a competitor in the most well-funded pit-fighting organization in the world, he becomes a sign of hope to the others, and must lead them in a dangerous fight for freedom.

It’s 'Gladiator' meets 'Animal Farm' as director Justin Murphy and his crew immerse themselves in the growing wave of real levitra online independent content in animation.

Check out the cheap viagra soft video below and consider supporting Dawgtown by following this link and making a pledge. There's many reward levels for those participating in the project. A portion of this fundraising effort will go towards Pitbull rescue organization efforts.

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'Allaxis' - Kaly Live Dub - Wasaru
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 10:52

This video is a trip in more ways than one. Try and figure out what's going on in this marvelous feast of surreal content. The official music video for "Allaxis" by Katy Live Dub, a French group, and is available for purchase here. The director of the video is Wasaru backed up by several excellent animation talents including David Cazeaux and Jean-Philippe Florin with illustrations by Jeremy Couturier Jebedai. Enjoy the unabridged creative experience...

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Mike Mattesi's FORCE Drawing
Written by Charles   
Monday, 23 September 2013 18:28

For many years Mike Mattesi has been helping artists improve their skills and knowledge of animation through his FORCE Drawing books. He's well known in the industry and cialis c 50 has instructed at the major studios including Pixar and DreamWorks. Now you can work with Mike directly online. If you're looking to bring a new level of dynamics to levitra cheap canada your art check out Mike Mattesi's FORCE Drawing theories and apply them to what you do. You can access DrawingForce here. Take a look at Mike in action at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and get a better idea as to how this approach works...

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Rob 'n' Ron - Tumblehead Studios
Written by Charles   
Friday, 20 September 2013 21:53

The asymmetric aspect of order levitra levitra hand drawn animation in the TV style has been a long standing challenge in CG production. But it's been mastered in this video from Tumblehead Animation Studios in Viborg, Denmark. The crew did an amazing job with the design sensibility, vitality, humor and production quality of this project. Magnus Igland Moller and Peter Smith directed the film and were backed up by many talented individuals.

There's a production blog for "Rob 'n' Ron" here. You can also follow Tumblehead Studios on Facebook. Be sure to watch the making of video for the film afterwards. Enjoy this excellent viewing experience...

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