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'Brume, cailloux et metaphysique' - Tshaw
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 02 October 2014 20:48

Translated as "Haze, pebbles and it's cool buy cheap cialis metaphysics", another great example of tramadol c o d shipping the excellence and fine artistic variety that distinguishes animation originating from France as among the canadian cialis generic most interesting in the world. Created by Tshaw who was a student at ESMA Angouleme and is currently at La Poudriere. You can also follow Tshaw on Tumblr.

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'The Brothers Brimm' - The DAVE School
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 01 October 2014 16:37

Join these two renegades from the Hell as they embark upon on an adventure of redemption. "The Brothers Brimm" is the creation of comic artist Christian "Patch" Patchell and was produced at The Dave School in Orlando Florida through the efforts of many talented artists. More student animation that pushes the ever expanding creative frontier of our medium.

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Stash 107 - Inspiration and Insight
Written by Charles   
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 17:38

In Stash 107 you'll enjoy 1.5 hours of inspiration and insight into 31 outstanding animation, VFX and motion design projects including behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews with the cheap generic india viagra creators behind the brilliance.

Commercials, broadcast design, music videos, brand films, game cinematics and short films. They're all in the Stash Permanent Collection, the planet's largest online video design library and an indispensable creative resource for professionals and students in over 50 countries.

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Stash is an indispensable creative resource for animation professionals and students. Check out what's in store with this issue...

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'Sigurdr' - ESMA
Written by Charles   
Monday, 29 September 2014 17:28

A warrior embarks on one last epic trek. Produced by several directors at ESMA at the Montpellier campus in France, "Sigurdr" is based upon a legendary figure in Norse mythology. Another great example of the high level of herbal levitra content that animation students around the world are creating.

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'Beast' - Fiona Hsieh - CalArts
Written by Charles   
Monday, 29 September 2014 04:53

A recent third year film from CalArts showcases the school's emphasis on clear storytelling. One of the the strengths of "Beast" by Fiona Hsieh. Nicely illustrated backgrounds combined with a storysketch feel to the animation makes for an intriguing combination. Matthew Pablo created the music... 

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