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"Ava's Demon: Book Two" - Kickstarter - Feb 24 2015
Written by Charles   
Monday, 26 January 2015 01:53

What do you do if you're a studio artist with a successful online comic and a very successful Kickstarter campaign under your belt? Naturally, you Kickstart another one!

Michelle Czajkowski is formerly of DreamWorks and made good use of her free time to create a magical creative experience in "Ava's Demon" which is an online comic. She had an astounding Kickstarter campaign for it in 2013. Now Michelle has launched a follow up in "Ava's Demon: Book Two" and with 29 days to go in her campaign as of this writing she's already beyond the cialis blood thinner $75,000 goal.

In light of the huge layoffs coming to levitra female DreamWorks this year, it's very encouraging to see an artist get to the point where their full time job has become creating for their own property. Check it out on Kickstarter and if you're inclined you can add to the support she's getting for this wonderful and creatively inspiring project. Deadline is viagra rx in canada February 24 2015

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"Tall Tales Part 2" - Kilogramme
Written by Charles   
Friday, 23 January 2015 21:25

Here's a creative way of dealing with a hyper active child who is curious about why they must be quiet on a train. Manchester UK based Kilogramme is the studio behind this whimsical short available for viewing online following its successful festival run. You can see more of Kilogramme's varied and exceptional work on buy ultram generic the studio's blog. Check out their showreel video as well...

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DreamWorks Animation layoff - 500 in 2015
Written by Charles   
Friday, 23 January 2015 07:33

Happy New Year to 500 DreamWorks Animation employees as the iconic studio will be slashing jobs in 2015 for efficiency and profitability after a rough 2014. Another reason friends, why it's all that much more imporatnt to fully develop an Independent Economy for ourselves as AnimationNation has admonished for many years. You can find out more about what DreamWorks is planning at this link.

Good luck to all the fantastic DreamWorks talent that is being affected by this. Our industry is very vibrant and robust and levitra where to buy I'm sure you're all going to overnight propecia do very well especially if you Keep Creating!

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"Confusion Through Sand" - Ornana Films
Written by Charles   
Thursday, 22 January 2015 22:46

This hand animated short premiered at SxSw in Austin, Texas and went on to screen at prestigious film festivals around the buying viagra in the uk world.

"Confusion Through Sand" had its broadcast premiere this week on January 20 2015 on ITVS's Independent Lens series on PBS and is now available for the world to view online. San Rafael, California based Ornana Films takes you right into the thick of the fight in an Iraqi town through intense and energetic animation. You get a great idea what it's like to be in the thick of a strange, confusing and desperate situation.

There's also an informative making of video which explains the technique that was used to create the film. You can follow Ornana Films on Facebook and Twitter.

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"Planet after planet" - Titouan Bordeau
Written by Charles   
Saturday, 17 January 2015 09:30

What does a space traveler do when he arrives at a distant planet and encounters the local ducks? Take a look at "Planet after planet" by Titouan Bordeau and enjoy the it's cool viagra onlime sales unusual story. This is we choice phizer viagra patent his second year film at the School of la Poudrière in Valence, France. Fresh from a successful festival tour... 

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