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Get the word out - NO MORE WORK FOR FREE E-mail
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 19:22

Hello friends and brothers and sisters in our art form and community!

Since its inception and launch in February 1999 the AnimationNation Movement has been at the core of industry reform. There are many problems within animation especially when it comes to the generic cialis canada interests of artists. Most individuals, groups, organizations and websites involved in our industry ignore this or gloss over things or attempt to trivialize or discredit these issues and thus become part of the dysfunction. One of the more chronic challenges we face is the epidemic of free work. The willingness of wow it's great buy levitra fast artists to do free work in exchange for credit or what have you. Anything but money. Especially for artists coming out of school or looking to make a transition from one work environment to buy generic viagra online another.

My long time friend, associate, brother in arms and character design legend Stephen Silver has just launched a campaign to do something about this and we at AnimationNation are wholeheartedly backing the effort. Take a look at his latest YouTube video and listen to what he has to say. It's vitally important to us all. Embrace the challenge and help to get the message out. Let's do something about this once and for all. Take a stand all you marvelous talented people out there! Join the campaign to stop the epidemic of free work!

Here's the Forum topic. Spread the word...


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