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'Cranky's Miracle' featuring Ernest Borgnine - Miracle Studios Wisconsin E-mail
Written by Charles   
Friday, 21 June 2013 19:31

I'm very pleased to premiere the latest footage from "Cranky's Miracle" featuring Miracle Mouse. A work in progress from Tom Hignite's Miracle Studios in the cialis tadalafil 100mg beautiful state of Wisconsin USA. The footage involves about 2 minutes and buy viagra us 45 seconds of new animation. The video also features a look at some of the talented artists behind the project. Animation veterans who are continuing the great traditional of hand drawn animation in America. 

This latest sequence from "Cranky's Miracle" is very special in that this is the last perfromance of the legendary Ernest Borgnine. One of the most prolific actors of viagra, candadian drugs Holywood's golden age. He won an Oscar in 1955 and  he passed away last year at the age of 95 but not before he voiced the character of Cranky the Crane in the video you're about to see. 

Tom Hignite is buy celebrex without a prescription the creative force behind "Cranky's Miracle" and the Miracle Mouse franchise. He's a successful home builder and talented artist who embraced animation production ten years ago in an effort to click here alternative for viagra help save traditional hand drawn animation at a time when Disney Studios and the rest of the industry was phasing it out and making the shift to computer generated animation. Tom has been active on the Animation Nation Forums in that time and developing his project all the while. In fact this topic on the AN Forums in which he addresses  the state of 2D animation at Disney has more views than any other topic in the history of the new forums. Here's the link to the dedicated topic on AN featuring the new footage.

Without further adieu you're welcome to take a look at the latest from Tom and the talented team at Miracle Studios...

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