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Owners' Rights?

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Owners' Rights?

Postby skynet » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:05 pm

One of days you may not be able to own anything, just license stuff. If copyright owners seriously push this into law, they will probably find themselves losing a lot of customers. Why would you buy something if you can't own it? If you buy an audio CD or movie DVD you should be able to do whatever you want with it, or at least you'd think that way if you had any common sense.

If you buy something, you can do with it—and do away with it—as you want. Right? The digital age is challenging this most basic of expectations in a few ways, and EFF and its allies are on the lookout. The Supreme Court will soon review a court decision that, if upheld, could put handcuffs on our ability to sell digital goods, or even physical goods with copyrighted logos or artwork, simply because the goods were manufactured outside the U.S. This case is important, but its also just a small piece of a larger assault on ownership rights. Over the past decade, courts and copyright owners have quietly been creating a world in which digital goods are never truly owned, but only licensed. And those licenses inevitably contain a plethora of legal restrictions on your ability to fully use the goods you "buy."

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Re: Owners' Rights?

Postby Charles » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:35 am

"You've been owned!" That's what product manufacturers are hoping the Supreme Court will tell Americans this fall.

The Court will decide if you have the right to resell the very things that YOU OWN -- your clothes, your iPod, even your house:

Please click here for more details, and tell the White House and Congress to stand by Americans' rights to resell the things we own.

This case is flying under the radar, so please use these links to get your friends involved and help us fight back!

Product manufacturers are trying to take away your right to resell items that are manufactured abroad, in whole or in part. In this globalized world, that's almost anything you own. Today we're launching to help Americans fight back.

If the Supreme Court rules with manufacturers, we might have to say goodbye to Ebay, Craigslist, and the old-fashioned American yard sale.

Manufacturers will have an extra incentive to off-shore jobs. Re-use and recycling efforts will be undermined, harming the environment.

Your pockets will be empty, and your basement will be a mess of junk you don't want or need:

Please tell the White House and Congress to stand by Americans' rights to resell the things we own -- just click here.

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