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Film Finance Seminar - LA - June 26 '12

Topics related to the business of animation.

Film Finance Seminar - LA - June 26 '12

Postby Charles » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:53 pm

"How to Pitch & Sell Ideas" by Bob Kosberg + "Crowdfunding a $100M Movie" by Tim McGovern + 5 More

June 26, 2012

Dear Friends,

On June 26, we will do our utmost to catapult your careers to the next level. SEVEN INDUSTRY LEADERS are scheduled to share keen insights & practical advice from the intersection of FILMMAKING & FINANCE. Their to-the-point presentations at LA's Stella Adler Theatre include:

1) "PITCHING, IN A NUTSHELL: How to Sell Ideas Effectively" -- by BOB KOSBERG, A.K.A. MR. PITCH, one of Hollywood's best idea men & producers; successfully pitched & sold 75+ projects; currently has 12+ movies in development at various studios; produced many feature films & TV movies incl. "Commando" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) & sci-fi classic "12 Monkeys" (Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis), which grossed $200MM & $150M, respectively; consistently attracts top stars such as Adam Sandler ("Wild Pitch"), Drew Barrymore ("Surrender Dorothy"), Ben Stiller ("The Hardy Men") & Katherine Heigl ("Drawn Together"); Producer & Head of Feature Film Division at Nash Entertainment; fmr. Producer at Merv Griffin Entertainment ("My One & Only" with Renee Zellweger), Constantin Films ("Maybe... Maybe Not"), Universal ("12 Monkeys"), Paramount (in joint venture with Neufeld/Rehme & Prelude Pictures), New Line ("Man's Best Friend"), TriStar (in partnership with Roven-Cavallo) & Sony Pictures; fmr. VP at Guber-Peters Entertainment; wrote 2 books, "How to Sell Your Idea to Hollywood" & "Pitching Hollywood"; among top speakers on lecture circuit; etc.

2) "KICKING IT UP A NOTCH: Crowdfunding a $100 Million Animated Feature Film" -- by TIM MCGOVERN, PH.D., Academy Award-winning visual effects pioneer;
Writer/Director & Chief Creative Officer at Whisper Pictures, developing feature film "Tusk"; fmr. Creative Director of Digital Renaissance at Digital Domain (NYSE: DDMG); fmr. Founding Member & Sr. VP of Creative & Technical Affairs at Sony Pictures Imageworks; fmr. Founding Member & Head of Production at MetroLight Studios, worked with James Cameron, David Lynch & Paul Verhoeven; fmr. Technical Director & Animator at Cranston/Csuri, Robert Abel & Assoc., Digital Productions & Omnibus Computer Graphics; winner of 5 Clios, 1 Hugo & 1 Mobius Award, incl. Clio for 1985 Super Bowl ad "Sexy Robot"; won Academy Award as CGI Director on "Total Recall"; VFX Supervisor on "As Good as It Gets," "Last Action Hero," "Equilibrium," "Trapped," "The Ghost & the Darkness," "Stigmata," "Supernova," "Virtuosity," "A Sound of Thunder," "So I Married an Axe Murderer," "Money Train" & "FeardotCom"; started as Systems Programmer on "TRON"; elected Board Director at Visual Effects Society; etc.

3) "A SIMPLE TOOL to Make Your Movie More Attractive to Investors" -- by CHRISTOPHER BALTHASAR, wealth manager & strategic financing pro with background as attorney, entrepreneur & business broker; Financial Advisor at investment management firm Merrill Lynch, works with high net-worth individuals (HNWIs), CEOs & business owners; fmr. Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney; fmr. Business Broker at Sunbelt Business Brokers & M&A Advisors, valued, packaged & sold companies; fmr. Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at Nirvana Candle Co., serviced high-end retail chains & luxury resorts; fmr. Marketing Associate & Legal Liason at Wattage Monitor; fmr. Program Coordinator & Grant Writer at EarthSave Int'l; fmr. Attorney at plaintiffs' firm Girardi & Keese, worked on "Erin Brockovich" case; licensed securities broker, member of CA State Bar Assn. & holder of CA real estate broker license; teaches & competes in
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, won gold at Pan Ams & US Opens; etc.

Visit for a 15% DISCOUNT!

4) "ADAPT OR FALL BEHIND: The Changing Landscape of Independent Film Distribution" -- by JEFFREY WINTER, who worked on marketing & distribution of many 100s of films, specializing in niche, festival, non-theatrical & special-events releases; Co-Executive Director at The Film Collaborative, 1st full-service non-profit distributor of art house, independent & world cinema; Co-President at New American Vision, leading niche/grassroots marketing firm handling 200+ indie & specialty films a year; previously managed US strategic investments, sales & acquisitions for largest Spanish media conglomerate, incl. "The Others" (Nicole Kidman), Oscar winner "The Sea Inside" & "Y Tu Mama Tambien"; fmr. longtime Panel Programmer at Sundance Film Festival's Digital Center; fmr. Principal at San Francisco-based film/video company Please Louise Productions; etc.

5) "SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS: Marketing Your Indie to Its Target Audience" -- by MAURY ROGOW, Founder & President at media marketing company Rip Media Group with 20 years in sales, marketing & business development; expert in social media & video marketing, who produced 100s of hours of branded commercials; Producer & Marketing Officer for comic book legend Bob Layton ("Iron Man"), writer/director John Harrison ("Dune") & Anne Marie Gillen ("Fried Green Tomatoes"); Exec. Producer of "Bedrooms" (Moon Bloodgood, Julie Benz); New Media Producer at Cabin 14 Productions; Consulting Producer at CIMA Productions; Adviser & Co-Owner at investment bank The McKim Group; TV host for E!, Time Warner & Style Network; previously generated $40M+ in sales for Avaya, Lucent, GeoTel, Cisco; among 1st employees at GeoTel, sold for $1B+; etc.

6) "DO IT YOUR WAY: Independently Packaging & Financing Great Movies" -- by JONAS GOODMAN, accomplished indie producer & development exec; Partner at leading Vancouver & LA-based film/TV company Front Street Pictures, expertly using Canadian tax incentives to provide highly cost-effective production services; produced "Break Up" (Kiefer Sutherland, Bridget Fonda), "Out of Line" (Jennifer Beals) & Sundance premiere "We Don't Live Here Anymore" (Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Watts), which secured distribution with Warner Independent & won Waldo Salt Award; previously worked in development & production at Miramax, Pleskow-Spikings ("Beyond Rangoon"), Roven-Cavallo (now Mosaic) & Paramount; most recently involved in Larry Gross's adaptation of Chekhov's "The Seagull" (Amanda Seyfried, Jeremy Irons) & transmedia venture about American pop culture
with Oscar winner Alex Gibney ("Enron," "Gonzo"); etc.

7) "LIMITED ONLY BY IMAGINATION: The Brilliant Future of Animation & VFX" -- by GEORGE MERKERT, veteran visual-effects & animation producer with 30+ years experience & numerous movies to his credit; Founder & CEO at computer-animated family film production company Whisper Pictures; fmr. Exec. Producer at Pacific Data Images (PDI) & Sony Pictures Imageworks; fmr. Producer at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) & MetroLight Studios; fmr. Exec. Producer/General Manager at Colossal Pictures; Exec. Producer on Oscar nominee "James & the Giant Peach"; VFX Producer on Academy Award winner "Total Recall," Oscar winner "As Good as It Gets," Oscar nominee "Starship Troopers," "The Craft," "The Legend of Bagger Vance," "The Pelican Brief," "Johnny Mnemonic," Oscar winner "The Ghost & the Darkness," Oscar nominee "In the Line of Fire," "Stigmata," "Supernova" & "Wolf"; Creative Consultant to hit TV show "Breaking Bad"; fmr. Nat'l Inline Downhill Champion; etc.

We need you there on the 26th! Our monthly film financing meetings are just as much about PRODUCTIVE NETWORKING as they are about success-oriented education. Without you in the mix, a VITALLY IMPORTANT ingredient would be missing.


Your Friends at IIFF
Institute for Int'l Film Financing

P.S.: Have you already watched PINTEREST CO-FOUNDER Sahil Lavingia's awesome IIFF talk? Download it at for merely $1.

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