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Tips / Guidlines for Monetizing Your Content

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Tips / Guidlines for Monetizing Your Content

Postby Charles » Wed May 30, 2012 11:23 am

From Transcontinental Printing. This is primarily for publishers but can be applied to Internet ventures of all kinds.


Tips and Guidelines for Monetizing Your Content

Your mission is to inform, educate and influence your audience. Content is the core of the publishing business as well as the way in which marketers engage with their customers. By creating content of value, readers, advertisers and consumers are willing to support your efforts financially. At least that’s the way it used to be. The Internet and the notion of free content are causing new business models to emerge, challenging traditional approaches and threatening the futures of whole industries.

Forming a Content Monetization Approach

Rather than thinking that free is suddenly going to disappear, some innovators are finding ways to monetize free content. Our investigation revealed 12 tips to help you form a foundation for monetizing your valuable content:

1.Learn everything you can about the community you serve; understand their whole psychographic profile.

2.Use the comprehensive data to develop quality content your audience will value.

3.Create realistic digital replicas and build in user-friendly features like search options, bookmarking, virtual libraries, headline alerts, in-app purchasing, social network sharing and interactive content.

4.Determine what free content might have the potential for pay events and develop a plan.

5.Use platforms compatible across Apple’s big three—iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

6.Provide online advertisers with a more engaged, integrated audience to increase your pricing power.

7.Study the onsite activities of the small group of fans that visit your site at least twice per week; promote those areas more strongly to your broader audience.

8.Use the frequent visitor analytics to inform editorial so that you create more of the content people find most valuable from your brand.

9.Make it easy for readers to share content through social sites as a way of elevating the value of your content and gaining more readers.

10.Get links to your content distributed through SEO, content discovery platforms and syndication on other sites.

11.Always create a good online user experience.

12.Create content that will keep people coming back to see what’s fresh—opinion pieces, in-depth analysis and original videos.

While there is no clear, one-size-fits-all strategy for content monetization, the following sections present examples of how some publishers are applying these tips and guidelines to increase their content ROI.

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