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movies by 1 person

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movies by 1 person

Postby Danny508 » Tue May 15, 2012 3:42 pm

my name is danny and i was referred here by someone in an email. i really don't like talking about myself, and i never do, so i will try and make it a fast post.
ive been an artist since just a little kid and have been writing/producing my own music for like 20 years. anyways in 2008 i started teaching myself how to animate and made a little 20 minute film which was more or less still images set to music w sound effects. i did the whole thing with photoshop and windows movie maker. i then went and did 2 other continuing episodes. it was fun to see my characters interacting with things ect... but i kind of rushed them. there were like 10 online friends that really liked the 1st one and still now have been following the "series". but anyways, my episode 4 i wanted to do right. well, as right as i knew how, and it probably wouldnt be considered doing it the right way, but i really took my time with it. i learned the programs as i went along you know?
i started my 4th episode in feb of 2010 and just finished last month. it ended up being 2 full length movies, so i made it into like an extended episode 2 DVD set you know?
this was the 1st time the characters spoke. i had a voice cast of 7, and did 8 other main characters myself, which i had no idea would be so much work.
i no experience in making an animated movie and had absolutely no idea how hard it would be to do it on my own.
i never promote my "art" or movies, and absolutely never promote my music and really it is only heard in my films. not that im selfish but because both the music and the films are personal to me. ive had 2 little viewings of it already, (cuz im too broke to get dvd's yet to make copies lol)and am havin a third.
it isnt a nice family film, it is really deep and there is a lot of thinking the viewer must do to get it, but those who have seen it seem to really like it, which i didnt expect. the trailer probably wont make sense to anyone (if you watch it)because i doubt anyone here has seen the 1st three episodes. as the 1st disc is a continuation of the previous 3. the 2nd disc closes the "real life" stuff and is just total fiction/magical world things, which is what i want to make. (making cartoons about things that make you unhappy, um...makes you unhappy lol)
i never did, dont, or will have an attitude like "woo look at me, look at what i did" and if it wasnt for the numerous people telling me that other artists/animators might be interested in woulda just went on my shelf with my other 3. if i could write as good as i can draw you guys would understand what i mean haha.
anyways, sorry you had to read thru a confusing letter, im just nervous doing things like this. i dnt know anything about the animation scene. i animated layers thats the only way i know how. ill leave some links now if you want to see them. the content isnt for anyone. and the style probably isnt either. just thought someone might like to see it.
this is the link to the full dvd set (both discs)
keep in mind, i was trying to stuff over 3 hrs of info into a short trailer)

this is the "draft" of scene 7 on the 1st disc. i uploaded it a while ago, but thought you may find interesting, just like the scenes before it, every layer i animated independently. whats worse than that, i didnt know about anchor points. it was horrible horrible time consuming thing. scene 8 is when i figured out how to group layers ect..which for all i know, is oldschool too lol.

there are other videos on the page if you wanted to see anymore. the name of the movie is chapel st and most of the clips from it say so. anyways, thanks. i hope someone finds this interesting
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Re: movies by 1 person

Postby Charles » Wed May 16, 2012 12:02 pm

That's pretty amazing what you did. Not every day that someone with virtually no experience in animation decides to make a movie and gets it done like this.

Get into the habit of promoting yourself and what you do. If you don't do it, at least to start with, who will? Self promotion is essential in getting the word out, especially if you're involved in a creative endeavor. Let your light shine.

So thanks for bringing this to AN's Gallery. I'm going to bring it to the homepage and get you some additional exposure. Wishing you good luck and success with this and your future efforts.

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Daily Z

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Re: movies by 1 person

Postby Danny508 » Thu May 17, 2012 6:44 am

Thanks Charles! i appreciate it! i will try!
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