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Think the sun is big?

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Think the sun is big?

Postby Charles » Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:15 pm

Check out this video and see a size comparison.

Our sun and other stars

Daily Z

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Re: Think the sun is big?

Postby skynet » Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:09 pm

Yeah, we are microscopically small out here in this part of the universe. Imagine the size of living creatures on an immense planet from a solar system with the largest known star. There are probably creatures somewhere that are as big as the earth itself. How could we know? We could even be living inside some ultra large living being already. Who knows? Maybe our universe is alive and walking or crawling down some terrain on a planet that is so large that we could never see it.

Well, at least you can think of how small the largest known sun is compared to the universe.... and we don't even know how far anything goes. We're barely touching the surface. We're clueless.
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