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Spoon and the Moon contest for illustrators and animators

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Spoon and the Moon contest for illustrators and animators

Postby Charles » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:15 am

We are looking for imaginative and talented illustrators and animators for the next Spoon and the Moon app update. Here is your chance to get a foothold in the global marketplace and let the world see your work. In short, we are app developers and the creative team from Wickedly Sisters. Our first app, an iNovel with animations, illustrations, and music woven through a magical storyline is now out on Kindle Fire and in the Amazon AppStore. Spoon and the Moon is currently ranked in the top 50 of downloadable books from Android. We are looking for artists and animators to help us expand on the visual concepts of the app.

Here is your chance to get some global exposure for your talents by winning a spot in the next update and a $100.00 cash prize. An online voting system will pick the top 10 in each category with the winners chosen by a panel of judges. The only fee to enter is the cost of the app on sale now at an introductory price of .99 cents

Please go to the website to find out more about us and about the contest for illustrators and animators. You will find Spoon and the Moon in the Amazon apps for Android store for your Android tablet or Kindle Fire.

Artists, Animators, Writers, Poets, Musicians, Illustrators – We are looking for you!

Find out more at::

At Wickedly Sisters, we are creating Illuminated Novels (iNovels) just as the monks did, but with a Gutenburg twist! Like those devoted monks, we design each page of our books as a piece of art. (Okay, so we’re not creating bibles, shaving tonsures or wearing rough, brown robes tied up with a rope.) Our work is whimsical, ingenious and on the cutting-edge. Just as Gutenberg did during his time, we are using the new technology of our age. Exactly what do we mean? We make iNovel apps for adults with whimsical storylines, illustrations, animations and original music. Plus—and here is where we are thinking about your talents—we are hosting a contest to find more exciting, innovative original music, stories, illustrations or animations. To find out more information about the Spoon and the Moon contest, go to the website. Winners in each category will be added to our app as an update giving them worldwide recognition for their work, and a cash prize of $100.00!

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