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Key Lessons in Film Finance - Hollywood - March 28 '12

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Key Lessons in Film Finance - Hollywood - March 28 '12

Postby Charles » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:30 pm

Dear Friends,

Our L.A. team has worked incredibly hard to assemble a terrific group of FIRST-RATE AUTHORITIES, the likes of which you can find NOWHERE ELSE. Join us this Wednesday at the classy Adler Theatre in Hollywood, courtesy of our gracious sponsor Entertainment Partners!

JOE CHIANESE, Sr. VP at Entertainment Partners, will moderate. He & the 7 speakers are guaranteed to leave a LASTING IMPRESSION:

1) "INDEPENDENT FILM FINANCE: A Few Important Lessons" -- by RUTH VITALE, Exec. Producer at Vanguard of indie production & distribution for 20+ years; fmr. Prez at First Look Pictures; fmr. Co-Prez at Paramount Classics; fmr. Prez at Fine Line Features; etc.

2) "TURN SCRIPTS INTO GOLD: Making Sure Your Movie Is a Hit" -- by BILL CHARTOFF, Producer/Director at Off the Chart Ent.; produced "Mechanic" (Statham, Sutherland) & "Rocky Balboa" (Stallone); credits also include "Raging Bull," "Rocky IV," "Guilty by Suspicion"; etc.

3) "TAX FINANCE: Fundamental to the Funding of Indies" -- by PETER GRAHAM, Founder, CEO & Exec. Producer at 120dB Films; financing entertainment companies & movie productions for 17+ years; fmr. Managing Dir. at film/TV finance co. Lewis Horwitz Organization; etc.

4) "HOW MUSIC ADDS VALUE to Any Movie Project" -- by TESS TAYLOR, Prez at Nat'l Assn. of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP); created NARIP's highly successful Music Supervisor Sessions, feat. music supervisors from film, TV & ad agencies; etc.

Dig deeper at or proceed:

5) "FEDERAL TAX CREDITS: Know the Latest to Aid Your Production" -- by BIANCA BEZDEK-GOODLOE, renowned int'l film finance attorney & tax incentives expert; advised on financing of numerous movies incl. "Tomb Raider," "Harry Potter" & "Lord of the Rings" franchises; etc.

6) "THE STRATEGIC USE OF TAX in Your Film Finance Plan" -- by MARK HUTCHISON, CPA, Tax Principal at Rothstein Kass w/ 18+ years experience at Tax Partner level; built career over 25+ years while working for "Big Four" accounting firm KPMG; etc.

7) "FINDING, PACKAGING & FINANCING Successful Indie Productions" -- by ROCKWELL SHERATON, Exec. Producer in film & TV, raised ~$40M from venture capitalists; CEO & Producer at finance & production co. The Cinedicate; fmr. VP of A&R at Interscope & Warner Bros. Records; etc.

The Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF) is the #1 membership organization
for FILM ENTREPRENEURS & FINANCIERS worldwide. Our sponsor for this event is ENTERTAINMENT PARTNERS, the leading provider of payroll, residuals & production management services to the entertainment industry.

Don't miss us on Wednesday night, IT'S WORTH IT. Tell everyone!

Take care,

Your Friends at IIFF

P.S.: Meetings in NEW YORK ( & LONDON
( are in the works too.

Daily Z

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