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Moviestorm 1.5.2 - Faster, better, more content!

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Moviestorm 1.5.2 - Faster, better, more content!

Postby Charles » Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:30 pm


Spring is with us, and as new life blossoms around us, Moviestorm is blooming with the new 1.5 code update underpinning our new product releases.

Moviestorm news in action!

The past couple of months have seen more professionals and top colleges adopt Moviestorm, such as...

· Chris Bouchard of Framestore, and director of the indie hit The Hunt For Gollum, is using Moviestorm to pre-vis his new indie film Looking Over The Dragon.

· The National Film and Theatre School have adopted Moviestorm for their Games MA course, with a view to the students using machinima to develop their plots and narrative.

· Following our presentation at the London Screenwriters Festival, script writers such as Amrit Baines have adopted Moviestorm for low budget trailers to help pitch their work, such as comedy drama Dracula Spectacular.

If you would like to keep up to date with all amateur, professional and educational film and machinima making, join more than 16,000 others liking our Facebook channel, or the thousands following us on our Twitter channels or

New Moviestorm Education products

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new Moviestorm Education products, each for PC and Mac and containing the full movie-making suite of tools and more than 50 Moviestorm content packs...

· Unlimited includes unrestricted material suitable for ages 14 and over. This includes mature themes that may upset some children or be regarded as unsuitable by some parents, but would support topics such as knife/gun crime, drugs awareness, and more.

· Junior has restricted content targeted for ages 13 and below. All content that could be regarded as for a mature audience has been removed, but there is still a wealth of characters, props and environments and animations, offering an extensive product suitable for younger audiences.

Free software

I am pleased to confirm that there are still two different opportunities for teachers to get hold of a free Moviestorm Education single user license to play with, worth $60.

Visit these links to tell us how would you use Moviestorm in your teaching? or what content is suitable for younger ages? and the Moviestorm software is all yours!

Free teaching resources

Finally, just a reminder of our ever growing repository of free teaching resources...

· There is our series of ‘Making Better Movies with Moviestorm’ e-guides to improve your film making skills

· Lesson plans submitted by independent teachers supporting UK and US course requirements

· Dozens of lesson ideas provided by you, for using film and machinima across the curriculum

If you are interested in trialling Moviestorm in your school, then please feel free to contact me personally.

Best wishes'

Tim Judges

Moviestorm – 3d animated movie-making tools for teachers and students

Fast, fun and low cost film-making solution for media courses, and a flexible cross-curriculum tool that is ideal for energising subjects and students in a medium that resonates with the YouTube Generation.

“Moviestorm resulted in helping most of my students get distinctions for their overall coursework“ – Steve Thorne, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

“This provides students with a great opportunity to write, direct and create films they couldn't normally do on a student budget” – James Martin, University of North Texas

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