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CG Movement Presents: Anomaly 2012

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CG Movement Presents: Anomaly 2012

Postby Anomaly » Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:07 pm

CGMovement is proud to announce its major event of the year, Anomaly 2012: Study From Life!

Anomaly is the art workshop and lounge party that brings 2D/3D artists and sci-fi fanatics together! It will be held at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, one of Vancouver's favorite and most beautiful attractions. This event features some of the most talented artists, showcase live art demonstrations, and keynote speakers.


# Terryl Whitlatch
# Wayne Robson
# Future Poly
# Paul Richards
# Daniel Dociu
# Craig Mullins

# Daniel Dociu
# Jon Schindehette

# Charles Guan
# Chris Bourassa
# Daryl Mandryk
# Mikko Kinnunen
# Thomas Scholes
..and more!
Anomaly Image_s.jpg

This years exciting event will be hosted on April 28 in Vancouver, B.C. at the inspiring Beaty Biodiversity Museum.
Anomaly Image_s_2.jpg

This museum is home to the largest Blue Whale skeleton on display in Canada, and features a plethora of biological life ripe for study.


11:30am - Registration Begins
12:00pm - Featured Artists Demo Starts
12:30pm - Portfolio Review Sessions Start
1:00pm - Featured Presentation #1 - Terryl Whitlatch
2:00pm - Featured Presentation #2
3:30pm - Featured Presentation #3 - Wayne Robson
4:30pm - Featured Presentation #4 - Future Poly
5:30pm - Self Feeding Session
6:00pm - A Night of Inspiration and Creativity Begins
6:30pm - Featured Presentation #5 - Paul Richards
7:30pm - Featured Presentation #6 - Daniel Dociu
9:00pm - Featured Presentation #7
10:00pm - Featured Presentation #8 - Craig Mullins
11:30pm - Showcase of Sponsors and Door Prize Raffle
11:30pm - 12:00am Closing Party


Basic Full Day Ticket Early Bird Price (before March 28):
*General - $55
*Student - $45

Basic Full Day Ticket Regular Price Tickets:
General - $65
Student - $55

Basic Full Day Ticket includes:
* Admission to Anomaly artist demos and party
* One year CGmovement membership
* Raffle ticket for door prizes
* FREE event T-Shirt if ticket is purchased before April 14th
* Snacks throughout the event
* An unforgettable day of artistic inspiration!


Portfolio Review $10
Get your artwork portfolio reviewed by one of our featured artists! Receive a private one-on-one time with an artist from the Portfolio Review panel, and have your artworks dissected. Each attendee will receive a schedule for when his/her session takes place during the event.

Featured Presentation $10 ea., or $30 for 4
Featured Presentations are to be held in the state-of-the-art private theatre on the first floor of Beaty Biodiversity Museum. A limited seating is available. Each presentation is 45 minutes long with its own specific theme. Lineup of presentations are available in the Program section.

Platinum: ACTIMAGE Centre for Digital Arts, Image Engine Design, Pixologic
Gold: Futurepoly , Piranha Games , Vancouver Animation School
Silver: AnnexPro

-Jyoti Deshpande
Anomaly Representative
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Re: CG Movement Presents: Anomaly 2012

Postby Anomaly » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:58 pm

[Anomaly 2012] Featured Presentation Update:

* Blizzard Entertainment presents: Diablo 3 - Making of The Black Soulstone Cinematic

Xin Wang, Cinematic Character & Prop Supervisor
Steven Chen, Lead/Senior Look Dev Artist
Mark Lai, Sr. II Cinematics Artist

They have also kindly offered to be apart of our Portfolio Review panel! Don't miss out on this opportunity if you want to have your work looked at!

Jelmer Boskma: Symmetry Sketching in Zbrush

Showcase of a special technique, based around the Rorschach effect that occurs when staring at symmetrical imagery, of developing creature designs in Zbrush using a 2D approach with polypainting. Digital Sculptor Jelmer Boskma will prepare you to let go of the reigns and let the drawing take control of the concept!

Craig Mullins': "Paint" is an unfortunate metaphor for digital art.

Craig will be doing some paint demo and speak to a few points about art education!
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