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Is an education possible without going into debt?

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Is an education possible without going into debt?

Postby Charles » Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:55 am

Did you know that Americans are now deeper in college loan debt than they are in credit card debt? According to the following article, that appears to be the case.

This is a huge issue for many people. In fact, it's getting so bad that some are recommending not going to college at all if you want to have any kind of life after you've finished with school.

Here's a related topic I recently posted on the forums:


Maybe there's an alternative way of approaching one's education that will allow them to be debt free once they've completed school. Follow the link below to read a few suggestions and ideas.


Daily Z

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Re: Is an education possible without going into debt?

Postby EAllen » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:47 pm

I believe part of why this is the epidemic it is has to do with the high-paying positions that they were told they would get placed in upon completion, coupled with pressure from family and teachers to further their education to increase their earning power. Ironically, it is the cost of such education that affects their ability to build a better future.

With the above, I must emphasize that I am only referring to students who attend or have graduated (or even dropped out of) colleges with high yearly tuitions and who are or come from financially disadvantaged families to begin with.
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Re: Is an education possible without going into debt?

Postby Greg B » Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:38 am

Nowadays without college you can eke out a good $50k + a year with a civil servant's job. Especially if you're into law enforcement, security. Overtime for some of these positions is insane not to mention hazard pay.

Those high paying executive positions that were often padded to the max are dwindling. No more hiring cousins at $500k a year and having them kick back $300k after taxes. No more fifteen execs to do one exec's job. So having those big college degrees won't get you any higher than a high school degree will.

Some employers won't hire anyone with less than a college degree. Some don't care. The scam has always been to keep young people ignorant and on the hook and turn them into debtors as fast as possible. Keep them under the thumb so they'll suck up to bosses and keep their mouths shut.

I saw that crap years ago when I was in college. I can't believe to this day classmates who went on to get PHd's asking me to hook them up. They've got one or two bankruptcies, a divorce or two or three, alimony payments, still paying off student loans from 30 years ago and more. However I have minimal debts and totally free. You tell me where the education went.

So again, it's a trap and it takes creative financing to get people out of this trap and prevent falling in. If I had known in college what I know about finance, credit and debt now I would have been a millionaire within a few months. The schools keep kids stupid about debt, finances, etc. when the formulas are easy and should be a staple in our educational system before a kid gets their driver's license. That way they can see the responsibilities they'll face as well as what their parents are facing and they can pitch in to help.

It seems to me young people are ripped off right from the start. I've helped young folks out who went on to become millionaires and heads of studios but get forgetful when they get big time. That doesn't stop me though because my track record of success is 100%. I give them an education there's no way they can get in schools.

Charles, what you do and what many people on AN do is teach students the real deal about art and industry. They can't get better than that. They go from theory to practical to job or further education. No nonsense.

If you have student loans and credit and debt problems I highly recommend this website:

That website answers everything and has several forums with experts a plenty who help out for FREE regarding financial issues from credit, debt, student loans, hospital bills, etc. and the tutorials are lengthy! Lots of studying but once it's in you'll be on the road to getting things done lawfully and efficiently.

The trick to debt is to turn it into an advantage. When you do that you become invincible.
Greg B
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Re: Is an education possible without going into debt?

Postby EAllen » Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:28 pm

Right on Greg.

And since not even I knew about this special credit board site, I went ahead and bookmarked it on my new laptop here.
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