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HoBSoft: On a $25M prod. we can reduce cost by ~$2M

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HoBSoft: On a $25M prod. we can reduce cost by ~$2M

Postby hcjehg » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:44 am

HoBSoft is about reducing the total cost of production of animated feature films through:

  • Reducing number of people by implementing automation.
  • Reducing travel costs by improving communication.
  • Eliminating expensive assembly in post production.

Along with the savings, creative benefits are gained:

  • Assemble the film in Final resolution every day for review,
  • fast turn around times and
  • Synchronized editing stations (Avid & FCP) in different studios for common review of action during conference calls with supervisors.
  • ...

Why is that important? Because:

Knowing this may significantly change the way you want to put your budget together.

Study this page and the linked pages to learn about savings in Salary, Traveling and Post...

...and ponder for a moment that on an average 2D animation film there are in the order of 10.000 scene approvals (Layout, Rough, Key, Inb/Cleanup, Color, Composite = 7 milestones x 1400 scenes=9.800 approvals. 5% retakes pushes you up to ~10.300) for the director to do, and the same number to be supervised. (Similar calculations can be made for 3D and 3D stereoscopic)

Each minute the director spends pr. approval means one month (at least) of full time director work, not counting the time to drink coffe, to pee or to be creative.

Here is how director Tomm Moore approved animation on "Brendan and the secret of Kells".

You should think the same way when it comes to the animators(and every one else on the production). Don't make them waste unnecessary time in uploading/downloading/importing/exporting/rendering/e-mailing/phoning/reporting...

In HoBSoft each artist/supervisor/director has his/her To-Do-List with Task briefing including the relevant history, the directors comments...
Once the work is done (Could be Key Animation, Lighting, Tracking, Texturing...) the artist marks the task "Ready for Approval/Comments" in HoBSoft, and the system takes over and does automatic:

  • rendering (depends on technique chosen)
  • secure transfers of relevant files (ssh)
  • updating editing in several locations(FCP or Avid)
  • updating online movies
  • presenting to relevant supervisors and director

... and as the artist reports to HoBSoft the information is also instantly available to the production manager(s) through customized reports.

example of production overview graph

Each minute wasted pr scene = 1+ month salary that they could use for animation instead....

Animation is what it is about... right ?


  • At this page [] you can download a printable PDF for comfortable reading when you are off line.
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