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The Darkest Hour

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The Darkest Hour

Postby skynet » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:55 am

Another apocalyptic alien extravaganza coming at the end of December. I guess we are suppose to really get used to the ridiculous idea that all intelligent intergalactic beings desperately want or need to come to Earth, invade and kill off the humans and take the resources. It almost seems to me like someone wants people to be afraid of the possibility that this kind of impossible situation is going to happen. Is anyone aware of the fact that there is an immeasurable amount of energy and resources out in the immeasurable universe which makes this movie plot pretty much absurd... No, the aliens have to come here to kill us so they can take our infinitesimal percentage of energy.

I wonder if we'll ever see a movie where beings from space come here and help us out of our own current spiral into doom and destruction. Who needs evil aliens to destroy us when we're already heading down that path on our own free will?

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