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Her Morning Elegance

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Her Morning Elegance

Postby skynet » Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:38 am

Stop motion animation music video... about 20 million views. For me, it appears that the animation is more creatively alive than the music. When I was watching it, I wasn't paying attention to the music, like the music was actually the score or background for the video. It seems like the video and the animation don't match very well. The music should probably be more interesting if it is meant to be a music video. Just my opinion.

You have to hear the whole song again if you watch the behind the scenes. Good marketing for the song? Too bad the sound is so bland and the style has been duplicated so many times.... but there is text in the behind the scenes that tells you how they made the stop motion animation.

Again, it's just my personal opinion on the music but I'm sure lots of other people out in the world could get into it.

I'd like to see more stop motion animation with real people though. The Brothers Quay used real people in some of their films.
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