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Animator Salaries in the US Show Stunning Growths In Wages

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Animator Salaries in the US Show Stunning Growths In Wages

Postby Charles » Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:35 pm



Animator Salaries in the US Show Stunning Growths In Wages

The latest reports indicate that the animation industry in the United States is booming. Just take a look at the animator salary data figures, and this will be extremely clear. The latest salary information figures as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the salary for animators in the country today is between $50,000 and $100,000. In reality, there are a few professions today that are offering such a huge average salary.

The salary data statistics also reveal that the average salary today stands at $56,330. While the starting wages are $31,570, those offered to the most senior people often exceed $100,000 a year. The salary chart also discloses the growing trend of many animators working on a freelance contract basis. In fact, some of the most experienced and highly skilled workers are now opting to go on freelance contracts, rather than working on a full-time contract.

Animators are hired by all kinds of industries. There are video and motion companies, advertising services, software publishers, and even design services who are looking for the most talented hands. According to the animator salary data figures, video and motion companies are offering the highest annual salaries at $71,910, and they are followed closely by the design services at $70,770. Next come software publishers who are offering $64,820 on an average, and at $57,740, the salary seems to be the least in the advertising services.

You can learn more about these figures at

Yes, computer animator salaries are high. However, there are a lot of good candidates too who are attracted because of this precise reason. So the competition for the highest paying jobs is stiff. Though somebody without a bachelor's degree can get a job as an animator today, but experts are of the opinion that to really make it big and earn a lot of money in this profession, it is essential to seek some formal training. And the animator salary data also indicates that those with formal training are indeed making more money.

Click here to view story:


Thanks to The Entertainment Economy Institute for the lead to the story.

Daily Z

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Re: Animator Salaries in the US Show Stunning Growths In Wag

Postby Greg B » Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:47 pm

Okay so salaries average twixt $30k starting $50k established to $100k top pro level.

Now the question is how many animators are actually working? What areas show the percentages like 2D vs CG?

Are there just 400 animators working today as opposed to 5,000 ten years ago ( not actual figures just an example )?

What about benefits? How about the overhead of being freelance? How do the unions fit in?

You can clock $50k but after taxes, unions, medical coverage what's left?

A single person living in Los Angeles has to bring home just about $50k after taxes just to live decent.

If you're lucky to work from home that might be a less overhead situation.

If I'm a comics artist pencilling a regular book I may net $50k a year but add to that goodies like conventions and appearances and auction sites I can bring home $100k easy and still set my own hours.

This is an important story as it gives us some idea of what is going on in the industry that has some numbers to it. It's also another signpost that you guys working now who were out on a limb not too long ago should save your money and invest it in yourselves for expanded skills and income opportunities such as educations in business and marketing so you can sustain yourselves during those dry spells.
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Re: Animator Salaries in the US Show Stunning Growths In Wag

Postby palmtree » Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:31 pm

ya I know about the dry spells I am in it right now and I live in a area where if you made 10 k a year you would ,ive normal. However up here we have no schooling or jobs for graphic artist and comicbook artist so I have no way to break into this feild and I have been looking for help for years. I do have some college from westwood online but I am currently unemployed and still looking for help I dream of breaking into this feild but I am up againt a rock and a hard place that is whyh I envoy all animators and comicbook artist for from I am standing as of now I will never be there

I humblly ask for your help

please let me know

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Re: Animator Salaries in the US Show Stunning Growths In Wag

Postby Greg B » Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:58 pm

Palmtree, what part of the Earth do you live in where $10k is sufficient to live on? Even in Thailand that would be barely getting by for a year and they're so cheap it costs more to chew your food than buy it.

I'm assuming you have postal services and broadband where you live ( I'm seeing visions of either some wooded waybegone place with Mr. Haney from Green Acres stopping by once a week to sell his newest improved washing machine ), or some isolated island with either coconut telephones or seashells for bikini tops.

Anyhow, to break into any industry you have to have the know-how and the connections. Believe you me, you can be the most talented guy in the world but if no one knows about it and you don't hook up with someone who can at minimum get you introduced to the producers and managers then you're going to remain in a problem area.

I know AN has a gallery section and if you know your skills just post there. If someone likes them, they'll hook you up. If there's room for constructive criticism, have a thick enough skin to take it and turn it into opportunity.
Greg B
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