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My story

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My story

Postby palmtree » Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:06 am

Hello everyone. It's Joshua Palmer Alot of people call me palmtree.

I beleive every artist animator or comicbook art has a story to tell. I am no differnt. I want to tell my story if you all will listen. I want to get this out for 2 reasons 1.) I want people to learn from my example and try there hardest to follow their dream. and 2.) I want to ask for help and ask for advise on how to deal with these problems. ok here it goes.

First of all I am 28 years old and I have been drawing for 22 years. I origainaly started drawing to keep myself sane asfter my parents devorce when I was 6 years old. I don't remeber the exact day or year I started drawing but I remeber what happened. I was watching tv and my grand parents house. I was bored and I remeber a sticker I had on my table tray. it was the copper kid from the silver hawks tv serice. I said what the heck and tried to draw it. I have to admit it was fun and it came alright so I continued to do it again and again. I was hoocked after that.

I soon found out that drawing was a way to get over my slow raiseing depression I received from my parents divorse. However I soon found out that I was in for a hard time in life. my mom and step father alway looked at my pictures and said oh or just shook there head. I had no one to look at my work so I was stuck for a while.

When I soon moved up to my comicbook charactors from my sonic the hedegehog comics and wanting to keep doing this for a living however I still had no one to look at my work so it was not easy I would just continue to improve my work for years.

I started jr. high when I first got an art teacher however she really didn't like me. She started out understanding however once I reached my freshmen year of high school. I noticed something going on. My class was in charge of painting a mural in the new econo foods grocery store going up in our home town. For somereason my art teacher refussed to have me work on it. I was always left behind to work on research paper for the final exam. but it wasn't until the end of my softmore year that she hurt me worse then anything else. she pulled me out in the hallway and said "I don't want you to take art next year I don't think you have any artist talient"

Junior year was even harder. I took art so I could take a college art class my senior year and to prove to this art teacher that I can do it. However it was a railroad of emotions and heartbreak that year. First of all she kept an cold eye on me all the time and she kept on presuring me to quit. An example of how hurtful she was I was working on a painting in class wjen my summer art teacher from the upward bound program I was in was substuting for the day. she came over to me and liked my painting. she said they were having a youth art show at the art center and want to put up one of my painting up I said I have this practice one of a rose I did she took it and put it up in the show. The next day the normal teacher was back and she pulled me aside wanting to know why my rose was in the show. I told her that the art teacher from yesterday liked it and put it up. she just lost it. saying" I wasn't going to put anymore from this class up and even if I was I would have picked something good" and the comment just continued from then.

My senor years didn't really happen for art. the college class didn't happen and I have a feeling my high school art teacher had something to do with it, so it was just another year of working my own.

After high school I begain to look for ways to get into school however my parents wanted nothing to do with it for some reason. My stepfather even saying " you are never going to make as an artist they only aceppt people who are good" my mom agree with him and even my real dad saying stop dreaming your good but you are not that good you never will make it. even my grand father saying stop getting into animation and grow up. it was just one thing after another.

In 2005 I finnally started school at westwood college online however with no help from my parents and a bad credit rating from helping my parents and them not paying me back. I had to pay out of my own pocket what finacial aid wouldn't pay. it was difficult but I had fun and it looked like my dream was somehow withen reach How wrong I was.
In the summer of 2007 I was feed up with my parents and everyone around me and I got a job working at canyon village at yellowstone national park I thought I was free from my problems and ould continue my school in peace however because of the internet problem I had to drop out. and I found out that the job was only a 4 month contract and I would be heading right back to my problem. I had to drop out of school and consotrate on figureing out what to do next.

Fall 2007 I got a permentet job at the grand canyon in az and I spent the next year and a half working there and trying to get back into school I put in applcations at collins college and the art instte of phoenix. I was accepted at both however when I went to tour the campuses I found I couldn't afford ether of them so I tried to get back into westwood online and after about a year of paper work and bugging the hell out of them Iwas able to get back in however the begining of this year is what really took the cake

Jan 10 of this year I lost my job at the grand canyon and I had to come back to mi. as much as I hated to. the grand canyon denied my unemployment and with no job and no mney coming in it didn't take long for me to get dropped by the school again. then around my birthday at the end of april my dad kicked me out of the house so I am now living with my grandfather in lakelinden. I have no transportation no money. the bills are pilling up and nothing but my dreams which my grand father put down yet again saying "I hate animation you are never going to make it."

So I am back at the same point I was at 2 yeasrs ago with now no way to get out. even if I was accepted at a school of some sort I couldn't leave because I have no money. and with everyone putting me down left and right it's just hard to get thing done. so I ask any ideas or any help would be greatful. because as of right now I am stuck with no way out just like I have been my whole life. I need help turning this story turn this tragic story into a story of sucess I stand here begging for help and adivse.

if anyone to contact me directly my email address is I really hopethis come out better then the rest of my life has

Please contact me

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