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AN Night Newsletter June 29 2010

Share your views on the state of the Animation Industry.

AN Night Newsletter June 29 2010

Postby skynet » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:21 pm

AN Night is tomorrow...

Here's the newsletter for anyone who didn't get it.
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Re: AN Night Newsletter June 29 2010

Postby Charles » Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:05 am

Another great AN Night, even though it was AN Night Lite. We took a bit of a breather after the huge success of Don Bluth last month and we still got a good turnout with minimal promotion of the event. I was expecting a small crowd but turns out that wasn't the case. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how many folks showed up.

Amy Paulson, a former student at The Animation Academy debuted her brand new book. There were quite a few people selling their stuff including a couple of guys who brought in prepared meals they sold to raise money for an animated production they're planning.

The big news of the evening was Gary Montalbano. A great visual development artist and production designer, who brought in his first book as well to premiere. Absolutely beautiful! An honor for us to get the very first look as he's on his way to the San Diego Comic Con with it and I'm sure he'll sell plenty of them there.

It was an excellent time, we all shared a lot of laughs at this latest AN Night. Very positive as usual.

I asked the crowd if they wanted to take a break next month in July and there was a resounding "no" so we'll be doing it again on July 27. It'll probably be another Lite Night but that's okay. We'll have fun.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to Glen Moyes for his assistance with the projector and sound system, and to Evan Cooper for handling the pizzas.

Hope to see everyone again next time.

Daily Z

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Re: AN Night Newsletter June 29 2010

Postby skynet » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:39 am

That's great Charles. I'm glad to hear that. I wanted to be there but it was a little complicated as you know. I don't need to go into that but I was disappointed that I couldn't be there this time to relax at a "mellow" session. I'm not sure how many people know this but I have to drive about 3 hours to get to AN Night and I only missed one night about a year ago. I wonder if anyone else can top that? Even if I was busy or going insane I always made sure to make it to LA for AN Night.... but sometimes it can be a little too much. That drive can also become tiring after I've done it many times in a month.

Well, it looks like I missed a lot of cool stuff. Oh well.... Two book previews? I didn't realize Gary would be there with his new book. I hope he comes back with his book again. Gary needs to be a "special guest" sometime soon so we can see and hear all about it.

Did anyone take any pictures last night? Probably not but if so, that would be cool if you could forward them to us so we can have an archive of the night or use them on the web site.

You said you set up a projector? Did you watch anything interesting. If we could get a projector there regularly we could preview or watch an animation whenever we want, while munching pizza or something.

Maybe no one noticed I wasn't there since I'm always quietly hanging back in the shadows. Either way it's great to hear it was another successful night.
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Re: AN Night Newsletter June 29 2010

Postby SNAKEBITE » Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:24 pm

Unfortunately I had to miss it as well. I'm opening up an Art Gallery here in LA and we're getting close to opening the doors which requires more time from me... I'm sorry I missed the evening though. I'm so stoked people showed up and people were promoting their works.

AN Night Lite is still a heavy contender. But come September we'll start up with more special guests and special events for everyone to enjoy.

I'm thinking this year we totally plan a cool Halloween party! I have some cool creators lined up for the other months as well. THis year has really flown by with amazing positive participation by everyone! And we're gonna end the year on that same note!
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