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Film Finance Workshop - LA & NYC - June 29&30 '10

Topics related to the business of animation.

Film Finance Workshop - LA & NYC - June 29&30 '10

Postby Charles » Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:49 am

Dear Friends,

The Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF) is continuing its much-acclaimed FILM FINANCE MEETINGS in Los Angeles & New York City.

Join us at one of these SPECIAL EVENTS; you won't regret it:

* 6/29 NYC Townhall -

* 6/30 LA Townhall -

Network with LIKE-MINDED PROS & enjoy eye-opening talks by preeminent FILM & FINANCE EXPERTS...

In LOS ANGELES on the 30th, our speakers & their topics include:

1) "WHERE TO FIND THE MONEY? Finally, an Answer" -- by MICHAEL MENDELSOHN, Chairman & CEO at film finance firm Patriot Pictures; prolific indie financier with more than 20 years experience; sourced & structured over $1.8B in financing; produced &/or funded over 298 movies including "Matrix," "Reservoir Dogs," "Underworld," "Sleepy Hollow," "Lord of War," "True Romance," "What Women Want," "Robin Hood," "Battlefield Earth," "End of Days," "Air Force One," "Analyze This," "Hurricane," "Material Girls"; etc.

2) "HOW WE FUND & ACQUIRE FILMS: Let's Talk About Yours" -- by AIMEE SCHOOF, Co-Founder at Intrinsic Films (ca. 25 feature films to date) & Red Giant Media; renowned independent producer & financier; joined with sales agent New Films Int'l in 2007 to co-finance & produce up to 10 films/year; Producer on "Alphabet Killer" (Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes), "XX/XY" (Mark Ruffalo), "Skeptic" (Zoe Saldana), "Attic" (Elisabeth Moss), "Hebrew Hammer" (Judy Greer); etc.

3) "MOVIES MADE THE RIGHT WAY: Making Sure All the Pieces Fit Together" -- by BARNET BAIN, Academy Award-winning movie producer, director & screenwriter; leader in personal & transformational development field; produced Oscar winner "What Dreams May Come" (Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr.), "The Celestine Prophecy," 3x Emmy nominee "Homeless to Harvard" (Ellen Page, Thora Birch); wrote "Jesus," most-watched movie of all time; etc.

4) "HOW ARE YOU EVER GOING TO GET CAST? What You Absolutely Need to Know" -- by ROSS BROWN, Partner at Brown-West Casting; veteran casting director of over 20 feature films & 40 television movies; has casted everyone from Oscar winners Jeff Bridges & Christopher Walken to comedy legend Steve Martin; fmr. Assistant to Marvin Paige, one of Hollywood's first superstar casting directors; etc.

+) PLUS 3 MORE. All details & LOW-COST TICKETS are available at -

In NEW YORK on the 29th, an equally impressive program includes:

1) "LESSONS FOR INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS: The Nitty-Gritty You Need to Know" -- by HENRY FERNAINE, Founder & Producer at Bedouin Features; fmr. VP of Production & Development at film company Evamere Entertainment (f.k.a. Hart Sharp Ent.); executive produced Sam Mendes' 3x Oscar nominee "Revolutionary Road" (Kate Winslet, Leo DiCaprio); worked on "Night Listener" (Robin Williams) & "Evening" (Meryl Streep); fmr. private-equity investor at Castle Harlan, raised $1.2B; fmr. investment banker at Merrill Lynch, raised $1B+; etc.

2) "WHY & HOW THE BIG PLAYERS GET INVOLVED: Thoughts on Entertainment Finance"
-- by BRIAN POPE, Managing Director at global investment bank Macquarie Capital, part of financial powerhouse Macquarie Group with 70 offices worldwide; experienced financier specializing in media & internet investment banking & principal investing; fmr. longtime Exec. Director at leading financial services firm JP Morgan, focusing on entertainment, media & tech finance; etc.

3) "THE INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS GOLDMINE: How It May Be Your Ticket to Financing"
-- by KEN HOROWITZ, Founding Partner at PoleStar Partners; built businesses (incl. movie studios) ranging from startups to Fortune 100s; fmr. VP of Finance at New Line Cinema, worked on "Lord of the Rings" franchise; fmr. VP of Acquisitions at CBS/Fox Video, negotiated 8-figure programming deals with Lucasfilm, BBC & NBA; etc.

+) AND 4 MORE. Review the specifics & buy AFFORDABLE TICKETS at -

We hope to see you on Tuesday or Wednesday! Please help get the word out.

As always,

Your Friends at IIFF

P.S.: DAVID ARQUETTE ("Scream 1-4," "Never Been Kissed") pitched to FilmAngels [ ] just the other week. Bring a summary on 6/29 or 6/30 to run your latest venture by angel investors.

P.P.S.: Be sure to check out IIFF's upcoming Film Financing Townhall in KANSAS CITY [ ] as well.

Daily Z

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