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Tangled vs Princess and the Frog

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Tangled vs Princess and the Frog

Postby Greg B » Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:54 am

I'm looking at the box office stats from both movies.

PATF made $267 million worldwide not including DVD rentals etc. Budget was around $105 million.

Tangled is at $195 million worldwide and cost $260 million to make.

So Disney announced they were ending the Princess line?

If anything this proves that they should go back to 2D. It costs less and has a larger return. Tangled can't rustle up another $70 million worldwide. It may do well on DVD but again, Tangled is CG and 3D with all the bells and whistles and isn't coming anywhere close to PATF.

If Disney just let the 2D animators and story people cut loose and bring back the magic of movies like 101 Dalmations, with fluid movement over gaggy/zany character animation they would thrive. I still believe people marvel at fine animation coupled with a heartfelt story.

PATF was an original story but it had some fine animation and character animation going on that really showed what 2D can do.

I didn't like the story resolution points but the character animation on most of the characters really popped with vibrant brilliance.

Maybe it's time for Disney to look at doing kick ass stories and animation instead of going for market trend/suit statistic driven nonsense.

For 100 years we've seen if you push the envelope of fine 2D with a great story you can't go wrong. Even if it means taking more time to produce but getting that superior quality that Walt Disney pushed for it would be a winning formula.

We're seeing that just because something is CG and 3D don't mean a bag of beans. Not to say Tangled isn't good or great but considering how much that cost is like crazy. You could have made two feature 2D movies with that money.

I say Disney should leave the CG up to PIXAR and stick with well budgeted, sane budgeted fine art 2D with great story. Really get in there and get a writer or adapt from a great novel.

It would be cheaper with a higher ROI in my opinion.
Greg B
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Re: Tangled vs Princess and the Frog

Postby Glen Moyes » Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:33 pm

Just to clarify the statistics a little bit (from Box Office Mojo):

Princess and the Frog
Domestic: $104,400,899 - 39.1%
Foreign: $162,644,857 - 60.9%

Domestic: $119,142,932 - 60.9%
Foreign: $76,500,000 - 39.1%

So far within the few weeks that Tangled has been open the movie has done very well domestically, already better than PatF's lifetime domestic gross in the box office. Because Tangled is so new it hasn't had the opportunity to have fully launched globally yet. Looking at the country breakdown, PatF has recieved income from 58 countries, whereas Tangled has only recieve income from 22, less than half. So with more time and a fully global release I can easily see Tangled catching up to PatF.

But of course the question is will the production costs of Tangled make up for it. There's also the question of how much money has been spent on marketing the two movies.

In short it's too early to tell—even in the box office—which movie is going to be more financially successful. And of course the post-DVD release will be another big indicator.
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Glen Moyes
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Re: Tangled vs Princess and the Frog

Postby Greg B » Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:50 pm

Good point Glen and of course only the holiday season will see if Tangled can break it's production costs but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

It doesn't look like it will anywhere near break even for production let alone promotion costs.

It may however break records for DVD sales/rentals though. It had some fierce competition from the Harry Potter film alone as well as Megamind.

I still say Disney should invest the high end 2D and push the envelope on it incorporating what made the classics such classics.

These CG movies are way too expensive. Computers were supposed to help drop the costs of production but $260 million? That's scary especially during this day and age.
Greg B
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Re: Tangled vs Princess and the Frog

Postby jeffnevins » Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:31 am

Hm- PaF was the last movie I saw in the theatres- one year ago. I've been so focued on forging a small 2D company w/my business partners that I haven't paid attention to CG films, even Toy Story 3 . PaF caught my attention. But I hope the best for the CG films.
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