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The Entrepreneurial Shift

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The Entrepreneurial Shift

Postby Charles » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:24 pm


Actually, there's a book out with the same title as this topic, having to do with the change in the European economy towards more of an American model.

But that's not the subject I'm addressing.

Last week I saw video that dealt with a management expert giving reviews, advice and consultation on how major corporations could and should adapt to a more streamlined, common sense approach towards the way the run their operations.

In the course of the discussion, it was mentioned more than once, how those currently graduating from business schools with MBAs are as fed up with the corporate world like the common man and woman is. Mostly because it's virtually impossible to find a job in the field they've been preparing for. The corporate end of things has let them down as much as anyone, maybe even more when you think about it.

Which is a big reason why there's a shift going on towards entrepreneurial enterprise. Corporations don't have anything to offer these very bright, motivated and gifted people who want to enter the workforce, so they're striking out on their own.

It'll be interesting to see how this emerging scenario plays out. There's always been entrepreneurs in any day or age, in any economic climate. What makes this shift different is that people are being forced to go this way.

With hard times and the felling of big trees comes the undergrowth of new opportunities, new ideas and new ways of doing things.

It's not an easy path, things aren't getting any easier, and nothing in life is easy when you get down to it. But as I admonish my students and anyone else who'll listen, you're better off preparing yourself for some aspect of independence in your career than just banking on working within the studio system in perpetuity. Odds are than sooner or later, it'll let you down and burn you out. Just as we see in the corporate world.

So prepare yourselves and embrace an alternative approach to the way you do things and you'll be in better shape along the road, plus you'll have more fun and freedom. Make the shift early on and you won't be caught off balance should the day come when you have to stand on your own.

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