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Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Share your views on the state of the Animation Industry.

Re: Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Postby Miracle » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:26 pm

Hello All Animation Nationers,
I am happy to report that things are "on track" for Animation Nation to be the first site to reveal our next major(about 2 minutes and forty-five seconds worth) finsihed sequence of animation for our upcoming 2D feature film project, Miracle Mouse, Cranky's Miracle.
Even as I write this posting, I am reminded of the title of this thread, about questioning the "death" of 2D at Disney feature. Another similar thread on this general discussion heading has been discussing the bigger picture of Disney's aquistion of Marvel and Star Wars and with those hot properties, maybe it's no wonder that Disney's attention has turned to things other than a string of failed or luke-warm 2D offerings of Disney's recent past.
Even as there is not any new news about Disney 2D features, that silence itself speaks for the unchanged state of 2D Disney features. Dead, is a little strong, but deep-sleep is my take. I hope some entity, either our modest 2D efforts or some other studio can have a sucess to help awaken the sleeping giant of this wonderful original American art form. I only hope they can awaken before the entire host of industry 2D professionals are no longer around to train a new generation of artists.
In the meantime, our premire of ths Fiday's(June 21)film clip will perhaps show you that 2D can be as interesting and beautiful as any other style of movie.
Our little production is banking on that. See you Friday, right here on Animation Nation.

Tom Hignite
Miracle Studios
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Re: Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Postby Miracle » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:25 pm

Hello Animation Nationers. Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow(Friday)Animation Nation will be the ONLY palce to view an exclusive 2:45 clip from America's only 2D feature film(at least the ONLY one we know of)currently in production. This clip is also the first public-release clip to feature legendary actor , Ernest Borgnine's final acting performance before his death last year.
As an added bonus, we will also include 2 to 3 mintues of video footage showing what our artists have been working on.
Stay tuned to Animation Nation's Friday's showing,right here on this web thread!

Tom Hignite
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Joined: Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:22 pm

Re: Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Postby Charles » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:11 pm

Congratulations Tom on the progress you continue to make with your production.

Here's the latest video folks. It's premiered on AN's homepage today. ... -wisconsin


Daily Z

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Re: Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Postby Miracle » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:18 pm


Oscar winning BEST ACTOR Ernest Borgnine read our 2D animated feature's script and saw a story that he thought had a lot of heart and a positive message that could apply to generations of kids. Last May, we traveled to Hollywood, California to have Mr. Borgnine perform the lead role part of Cranky Crane in (what was then called) Miracle Mouse-Cranky's Miracle. About a month later, Mr. Borgnine died. This would be the last acting performance in this legendary actor's long career.

Charles from the Animation Nation website had played a part in announcing the ups and downs of this unique hand-drawn production, since it's earliest days in development. It only seems fitting that in remembrance of the 1 year passing of Ernest Borgnine, we are releasing this first mass media, full-public showing of this "labor of love" film. As an added bonus, you will also see first time released glimpses into the current production, seeing and hearing a few clips from the story boarding animatic video reel.

This production has had the help of many wonderful talents , chief amongst them being Scott Petersen's Utah-based Golden Street Animation studio(who provided most of the finished animated scenes) and Heather Deyo, who worked hard to capture a unique vision for the unusual color scripting. A special thinks to many others such as Chris Greco, Ty Safrath, Joe Suggs, Francis Gleba, and so many others too numerous to mention by name.

Before viewing the clip, please know that 4 scenes will be replaced soon with more detailed and completed scenes. Check back this weekend to see several updated clips (such as the missing ducks on the lawn by the big sign close-up, and new detailed backgrounds for the triple-pull-out wide shot of the island).

This film has surely been a long process and will likely take many more years to produce unless it is sold to a distributor. Our hopes are to bring this to the 2014 American Film Market to begin gaining interest in that direction.

2D feature animation may be "dead"for the moment at Disney, but it is currently alive and well and living in Richfield, Wisconsin. We would appreciate any and all comments.

Tom Hignite
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Re: Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Postby Johan » Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:35 pm

A while back many asked if 2D was dead and I said "No, artists will reinvent it digitally and create a new high art that archives knowledge, can teach and define society."

IT HAS HAPPENED!!!!! As I promised!!!!!!!

Amazing new form of 2D animation!!!
60 frames per second -60 drawings per second animations.
enjoy this film directed and created by Glen Keane,
Glen, you are in our hearts, Norma & Johan.

Here is a link to go to his behind the scenes and full show of "DUET"
Go to my linkin as well-
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Re: Is Disney 2D feature Production"Dead" Again?

Postby Johan » Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:05 pm

Glen Keane has reinvented the high art of 2D animation in Digital form with "DUET"
60 frames/sec. 60 drawing/sec.
2d is also reborn in Maya "GREASE PENCIL". Animators are able to 2D animate in 3D software to obtain full fluid motion. Next step is to put the two together. Then C.G. Animation would be fully "hand drawn" much like a puppeteer works. Think about it, it is a matter of a higher form of rigging is all. "Vector rigging" let's call it and 3D animation is 2D animation at its highest.

Those who say it can't be done are just getting in the way of us who are getting it done.

Johan Klingler Gen11 Animation
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