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CoolMiniOrNot - a Kickstarter crowdfunding empire

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CoolMiniOrNot - a Kickstarter crowdfunding empire

Postby Charles » Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:42 pm

CoolMiniOrNot.png (33.14 KiB) Viewed 476 times

Take a look at this friends and you'll see the true potential of what crowdfunding can do. I was thinking of this recently and just now discovered how at least one operation is making use of Kickstarter for all their business ventures and new projects and products.

The outfit is called CoolMiniOrNot in Atlanta, Georgia. They bill themselves as both a studio and publisher of great miniature games. They work closely with game creators and indie studios to realize their vision, with a revenue sharing philosophy that is unprecedented in the industry and Kickstarter appears to be their main vehicle.

Look at this track record of successful Kickstarter projects since May 2012. That's only 10 months ago folks!

5,258 backers pledged $781,597 of a $20,000 goal
May 6 2012 ... /zombicide

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
4,278 backers pledged $951,254 of a $20,000 goal
June 30 2012 ... -alabaster

Relic Knights
3,459 backers pledged $909,537 of a $20,000 goal
September 9 2012 ... ic-knights

Guilds of Cadwallon
2,955 backers pledged $116,938 of a 5,000 goal
December 22 2012 ... -cadwallon

Rivet Wars
2,464 backers pledged $582,316 of a $25,000 goal
February 4 2012 ... rivet-wars?

And here's their latest project in progress...

Zombicide: Season 2
5,724 backers pledging $1,194,751 of a $25,000 goal with 13 days to go!
Campaign wraps up March 31 2013 ... e-season-2

Check out these unbelievable results!

Six campaigns within the last year for a total of $4,536,393 and still going!

See for yourself... ... ot/created

It's not just individual projects getting off the ground. Crowdfunding has become a way of doing business in and of itself! It's the new financing and marketing model for ANYBODY who can create a project and build a franchise completely independent of anything we know as far as the traditional gatekeepers go.

If there's any doubt about the power and potential and validity of what we're experiencing with this phenomenon take a look at what CollMiniOrNot is doing!

This is the future and the future is NOW !!! :D

Daily Z

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Re: CoolMiniOrNot - a Kickstarter crowdfunding empire

Postby Charles » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:51 pm

Here's the final numbers on the most recent campaign by CoolMiniOrNot in Atlanta. Their 6th Kickstarter campaign in a year and their most successful so far, a game called "Zombiecide: Season 2"...

8,944 backers pledging $2,255,018 of a $25,000 goal!

That's more than $1 million in addition to what they had 13 days ago when I first posted the topic! ... e-season-2

The total amount of all their six projects funded through Kickstarter comes out to $5,596,660 !!!

Daily Z

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