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Weevil and Nightshade by Mark Rousch

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Weevil and Nightshade by Mark Rousch

Postby Charles » Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:06 pm

Here's something that comes to us via AN's Facebook page. Press release for a new book by Mark Roush from which one of the stories was adapted into a live-action / CGI infused short film about a young girl who is made out of chocolate.



Film Director Publishes New Wave of Grimm Inspired Tales

Whimsical tales confront society and humanity through combination of fables and parables known as farables

PORTLAND, Ore. – While Hollywood was recreating adult versions of Grimms’ Fairy Tales on the big screen and TV audiences were captured with ABC’s Once Upon a Time and NBC’s Grimm, film director Mark Roush was taking his own unique approach to storytelling.

A collection of short stories for teens and adults, writer and director Mark Roush published his book, Weevil and Nightshade’s Compendium of Farables & Tales, in Jan. 2013.

Mark defines a farable as, “A short story about an individual burdened with an uncanny quality, defect or mutation that eventually results in that person making a moral or ethical decision of a dark and complex nature.”

From Shannon Shee, who starves her own shadow, to Persephone, a living girl made of chocolate who is enslaved and abused by her guardians, Roush’s seven tales confront societal issues. For Shannon they’re self-esteem, body image, eating disorders and self-mutilation; for Persephone – materialism, greed, cruelty and abuse. In Little Miss Monkey Mary, the lead finds redemption through her troubles with abandonment and deformity.

Lyrically written, entertaining and intellectually stimulating, these are emotionally informative commentary cloaked in the skillful words of a storyteller whose characters cross the boundaries of reality.

“I wanted to be able to create stories that dealt with issues many fairy tales of old never approached. Something new and fresh which would hopefully invite discussion and conversation over such complex and sensitive subjects as anorexia, self-mutilation, and suicide.”

At once whimsical, inventive and insightful, Weevil provides a touch of the offbeat. Those who miss the imagination of a child listening to a story but who want a little food for thought, maybe a chocolate arm, will be delighted.

Weevil and Nightshade’s Compendium of Farables & Tales
Written by Mark Roush and illustrated by Carla Lee
ISBN: 978-1-62407-693-0
80 pages
Retail price: $15.95
E-book price: .99

About the author
Mark Roush is a writer and film director living in Oregon. He has written two optioned screenplays, as well as written and directed three short films and a webseries. He often infiltrates abandoned buildings for inspiration and spends time talking about life with his cat Miss Peppercorn.


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