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Peak Oil solved, but climate will fry

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Peak Oil solved, but climate will fry

Postby skynet » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:03 pm

Feel sorry for younger people who will have to deal with this. Humans in general definitely DO NOT think of future generations.


"...So far the world has warmed around 0.8OC. Already dramatic climate changes are emerging, often decades ahead of worst-case expectations. Extreme droughts, deluges, flooding, storms, crop losses, heat, forest die-off, coral death and ice melting are already well underway. The polar jet stream is weakening and getting "stuck" more often causing unusual storm tracks and long-lasting droughts.

The consensus of the climate science is that all these things get worse and new extremes will emerge as the world warms. Beyond 2 OC however the changes grow in seriousness and tipping points are likely to be crossed. Nearly every nation on earth has pledged to avoid crossing this 2OC barrier because of the dire threats to civilization that are expected to emerge.

Unfortunately, hitting 4OC seems to be where our fossil fueled energy system is leading humanity even if everyone keeps all our best climate promises so far..."

Full Story: Peak Oil solved, but climate will fry: BP report
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