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Bitfilm worldwide competition launch Bangalore - April 2013

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Bitfilm worldwide competition launch Bangalore - April 2013

Postby Charles » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:13 am

The opening event of the Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film will take place in Bangalore at Jaaga Art Space (68, KH Double Road, Shantinagar) on January 17, 2013, 6.30 p.m.

This event will mark the beginning of a worldwide online voting action for the Bitfilm Awards in 3D animation, 2D animation, hybrid digital films and Machinima (films shot live in computer games).

The worldwide audience will decide which films will win the Bitfilm Awards, to be handed over at the Bitfilm closing event in Hamburg (Germany) in April, 2013.

"Our closing event for 2011 was in Bangalore, and we have met so many interesting and creative people here, that we decided to come again to do our opening show this year", explains Aaron Koenig, Bitfilm's founder and director, who is in Bangalore for the Launch of the Competition.

Bitfilm has been showing films that use digital technology in a creative and innovative way since 2000. For the first time, Bitfilm will use the new digital currency Bitcoin for the voting process and as prize money. Each of the 59 nominated films has its own Bitcoin account, to which film fans may transfer money anonymously and without any transfer costs. The film with the highest number of donated Bitcoins and votes per category will receive the award. The donated money will be divided among the three best-ranked films per category.

"We are very fascinated by Bitcoin. It is a new kind of money, which has the potential to revolutionise the world as much as the Internet did" says Aaron Koenig. "Bitcoin is an open source currency that needs no central bank and knows no inflation. It is also a new worldwide payment system that makes money transfers around the globe cheap and fast."

In Bangalore, Bitfilm will present a selection of 12 nominated films which represent a huge variety of genres and styles. There will also be a talk about an Indo-German co-production by Aaron Koenig and Vijayaraj D. from Bangalore, who have been working on a number of short animated films together, the most popular one is about Bitcoins:

Free Entry. All are welcome!

More information on the Bitfilm Festival:

More information on Bitfilm production:

Daily Z

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Re: Bitfilm worldwide competition launch Bangalore - April 2

Postby Charles » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:50 am


With a traditional Indian "lighting of the lamp" and an opening screening at Jaaga Bangalore, the Bitfilm Festival has kicked off its annual online film

59 films compete in four categories for the Bitfilm Awards - watch them online at

As every year, you decide with your vote on the winners. But something is new this time: you may vote by donating Bitcoins (or fractions of it) to the films you like. The film with the most Bitcoins and the most votes per category will win, the money will be divided among the three best ranked films per category.

If you don't know what Bitcoin is, go to

If you want to buy Bitcoins, go to

If you want to know more about Bitcoins go to

Hope you enjoy this year's programme!

Best regards,

The Bitfilm Team

Daily Z

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