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Postby EAllen » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:21 pm

That was exactly my expression, once I had saw what they had created and are creating--OOOOOOwweeee!

Well, that's not quite how you say the name of this particular design and information visualization outfit. OOOii is moving towards augmented reality design and on-set, real-time deployable interactive effects--in short, props almost holographic in nature, and responsive to "touch" and human gesture.

To get a clear idea of what I just said, reference the scene in Iron Man where Stark (Downey) is in his Workshop tossing virtual items into a virtual trash can, as if those items were physical and tangible material, material we touch and trash every day without a second thought on the matter. That sequence, among others, OOOii had a "hand" in designing.

From on-set film work, to off-the-set work such as designs for the marketing campaign of the film (even films where they may have played a role in on-set production, and post), OOOii has proven they can do it all, and on a budget, under a deadline . . .

OOOii handy-dandy terminology page will go a long way towards helping those of you still grasping for an understanding of the application of many of OOOii's services--or even just a visual--and trust me, once you get OOOii, you'll be wishing to work with them or for them.
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