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Ever wonder what you might be breathing

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Ever wonder what you might be breathing

Postby skynet » Sun May 12, 2013 11:48 am

With chemtrails appearing on and off at what seem to be random times, it should make you wonder. If you've been seeing chemtrails above you, then you're probably breathing something that you shouldn't be.

We were seeing massive amounts of chemtrails above us for quite a while but then they mysteriously stopped recently or happen less frequently. We still see a few jets every day but not nearly as many trails. I haven't seen a chemtrail for a couple weeks, which is a long time. I'm sure they'll be back soon with dozens of jets crisscrossing back and forth again like they were before.

This situation from the video happened a while ago but the spraying in the skies never stopped. Ahh, but it's a conspiracy so nothing to see here.

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