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Where the world’s running out of water

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Where the world’s running out of water

Postby skynet » Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:13 pm

Hate to sound negative but it's plain and simple. Humans are ultimately doomed. The water is going to run out at some point. There isn't enough water to sustain the population growth we're experiencing.

Then you got all these people all over the world running around goofing off like nothing is going on. Not enough people are waking up to reality. The insanity is established. Can't stop the sh*t from hitting the fan.

Then if you think about all the other crap going on in the world. Water is just one issue. It's like every single thing humans touch is going to die.


Many of the world’s most important food-producing regions depend on freshwater from massive underground aquifers that have built up over thousands of years. The Ogallala Aquifer in the midwestern United States. The Upper Ganges, sustaining India and Pakistan.

Yet many of those aquifers are now being sucked dry by irrigation and other uses faster than they can be replenished by rainwater, according to a new study in Nature. It’s unclear when many of these aquifers will be completely emptied — scientists are still trying to measure how much “fossil water” these aquifers actually hold. But it’s a worrisome trend: About 1.7 billion people rely on aquifers that are rapidly being depleted. And once they’re gone, it would take thousands of years to refill them.

The Nature study, published by researchers at McGill and Utrecht University in the Netherlands, offers a map showing the regions where the use of water from these aquifers vastly exceeds the rate at which they’re being refilled by rain.

There's a map: Where the world’s running out of water, in one map
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