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Mind-Reading System That Lets You Type With Your Brain

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Mind-Reading System That Lets You Type With Your Brain

Postby skynet » Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:58 pm

It doesn't make any sense. We see scientists figuring out all this various mind blowing new technology and yet humans in general are on a path of annihilation. Weird.

Researchers have invented a mind-reading system that, for the first time in history, allows any person to type words and phrases letter by letter, just by thinking. It all occurs in real time, without moving a single muscle or uttering a single word.

This is an amazing invention. Not only it will help anyone with serious motor disabilities, but it could potentially affect all of us in an amazing way.

According to the researchers—Bettina Sorger, Joel Reithler, Brigitte Dahmen, Rainer Goebel at Universiteit Maastricht's Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience Department of Neurocognition—this is the first system that translates thoughts into letters in real time, allowing "back-and-forth communication within a single scanning session."

Sorger and her colleagues—who were inspired by the work of Adrian Owen—claim that this new system requires very little effort to setup, becoming "immediately operational." They also say that it has a high application potential "both in terms of diagnostics and establishing short-term communication with nonresponsive and severely motor-impaired patients."

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