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'Wolf Dog Tales' premieres June 4 2012 - Annecy

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'Wolf Dog Tales' premieres June 4 2012 - Annecy

Postby Charles » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:45 am

From NEW YORK / EWORLDWIRE / May 31, 2012...


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Wolf Dog Tales, an animated film directed by Latina filmmaker Bernadine Santistevan, will have its world premiere on June 4, 2012, at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival - a festival known as a launch pad for many Oscar-nominated and winning animated films. Wolf Dog Tales is one of only four films from the United States selected to screen in the Official Selection of shorts at this prestigious festival.

The film's story borrows from Bernadine's own experience as part of a community of Hispanics in Northern New Mexico that continues to practice traditions dating back to the time of Cervantes.

The ancient themes included in Wolf Dog Tales are also reflected in the animation. Working with Emmy-winning animator/designer Igor, an original technique called "Faux Sand Painting Animation(TM)" was created for this film inspired by Navajo sand paintings - an ancient religious art form.

Why Navajo? Similar to the experiences of most Latinos across the Americas, after the Spaniards settled in New Mexico in 1598, their culture was influenced by the indigenous people of the region - in this case, the Pueblo and Navajo Indians.

This influence is also reflected in the film's music, performed by two-time Grammy-winning Native American Robert Mirabal, from New Mexico's Taos Pueblo.

Asked how she financed Wolf Dog Tales, given an animated film can cost millions of dollars for only a few minutes of screen time, Bernadine credits the support of the Healy Foundation of Taos - an organization known for its efforts to preserve and promote the Hispanic and Native American cultures of the region.

Asked what's next for her, Bernadine said, "Igor and I just finished a series of children's books based on Wolf Dog Tales, and I'm currently completing a live-action feature film called Wolf Dog."

She added, "I'm hoping that when people watch Wolf Dog Tales, they'll feel the power and beauty of our culture ... and all cultures."

Wolf Dog Tales will be having its U.S. premiere on June 5, 2012, at the Brooklyn Film Festival. For screening times, dates and tickets, go to

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Re: 'Wolf Dog Tales' premieres June 4 2012 - Annecy

Postby Charles » Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:56 pm

This press release has just come in concerning Wolf Dog Tales...




New York, NY (October 15, 2012) – From October 15 through October 18, Digital Hollywood—a leading conference focused on entertainment and technology—is hosting a list of who’s who to discuss a broad range of paradigms and trends surrounding how entertainment is financed, created, consumed, marketed and monetized in the digital age. Many of the cutting edge discussions at this conference held in Marina del Rey, California will touch upon topics that are merged together in an unlikely suspect called ‘Wolf Dog Tales’ ( animated short film that is part of a bigger strategy that uniquely ‘walks the Digital Hollywood talk’ in more ways than one.

Launched by the company Wolf Dog, LLC, ‘Wolf Dog Tales’ premiered in June, 2012 as part of the Official Selection at the Annecy Animated Film Festival in France—considered the “Cannes” of animation by industry veterans—and features ancient stories of what animals teach us about respecting life. Original animation techniques were developed for this film called ‘Faux Sand Painting Animation™’ based on Navajo sand paintings—an indigenous art form. Since its world premiere at Annecy, the film has gone on to win several awards, including BEST ANIMATED FILM at Comic Con International in San Diego, and play in numerous festivals around the world. ‘Wolf Dog Tales’ is now under consideration for a significant entertainment industry nomination.

Regarding Wolf Dog’s connection to this year’s Digital Hollywood, the art, technology and storytelling used in ‘Wolf Dog Tales’ are being leveraged as a springboard for a transmedia strategy that includes several cross-platform initiatives currently in various stages of development. Among these initiatives are a children’s animated TV series, a digital game, an educational package for schools (already in use in Mumbai and Delhi), a live-action feature film, a digital comic & graphic novel, a series of children’s illustrated books and a commerce/product component.

Wolf Dog is the brainchild of Bernadine Santistevan, a Stanford engineering/Wharton MBA graduate with credentials that span working in venture capital and mergers and acquisitions for GE Capital, developing strategies and operational plans for cutting edge technology/media companies such as Comixology (the world’s leading provider of digital comics) and writing, directing and producing feature films. Bernadine’s experiences alone embody a surprising convergence of Digital Hollywood’s focus on woman entrepreneurs, technology, investing, digital media, multi-dimensional storytelling and entertainment.

Wolf Dog has successfully attracted Emmy, Grammy and Oscar-winning/nominated artists to contribute their talents to its various initiatives. One such artist is Bono/U2, who has contributed music to the live-action feature film currently in post-production. An Emmy-winning designer/animator named Igor created the animation in ‘Wolf Dog Tales’ and the 2-time Grammy winning Native American artist, Robert Mirabal, performs the music.

Asked what inspired her to launch this socially responsible transmedia company, Bernadine responded, “I had a personal experience that really opened my eyes to how much the world that has fallen out of balance. My hope is that by using the power of art, storytelling, technology and entertainment, the messages in Wolf Dog might help us get us back on track.”

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