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Stem Cells Heart Repair Breakthrough

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Stem Cells Heart Repair Breakthrough

Postby Greg B » Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:49 am

I've mentioned before that I work in the stem cell field. Been doing so for six years now. All I can say is I get privvy to the latest breakthroughs and they're nothing short of miraculous. We need to redefine the word miraculous.

Anyhow to cut to the chase, anyone who knows what heart failure is knows how dangerous and debilitating it is. Scientists have been working on adult stem cell treatments and cures for years now. Yes cures. Science once said that damaged heart tissue could never be made new or repaired. Well they were frigging wrong. Using one's own stem cells the rehabilitation of the heart to brand new status has been achieved numerous times in the past several years. Easy procedure too. Problem is even with astonishing results the FDA which now wants to regulate our stem cells as drugs is dragging its feet to approve these successful and safe. The FDA will approve hundreds of dangerous vaccines but when presented with anything that actually 'cures' something things get nasty quick.

So to prove things, take a look at the news stories and videos below about one breakthrough achieved by Dr. Eduardo Marban right there in Los Angeles at Cedars Sinai hospital. He used heart tissue from a patient who was dying to grow new stem cells and place the cells back in the body and the damaged hearts were healed and fast! With this breakthrough several million people a year in the U.S. can be saved. This is just one of the new stem cell discoveries. Take a look and be astonished.

I myself have my own heart condition I'm hoping to get stem cell treatments for. I may or may not make it but I know I did my best to get the word out. We as a society need to straighten out the FDA which has become a haven for criminals to infest and manipulate.

Greg B
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