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For those events that animation fans appreciate.


Postby techverve » Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:38 pm

Mods,please move this to the correct section if this isn't fitting.
This is a great chance for those who might have missed getting entered in the GTL!

My college,VNIT is one of the premier technical institutes in India and it holds annual technical festivities called "Axis". This year, Axis 2013 has this new animation competition called "Techverve", with sponsors such as BMW, IBM, Mentor's School of animation, VFX and more!
So here are the rules and a few details that you might want to know.
-Animators can register online, but they must be in a group which contains ONLY 4 members.

-There is no registration fee or any kind of payment to join the competition.

- The software can be of your choice too!
-Maximum of 4 members minimum of 1.
. For animation the participants have to make a 2D, 3D or stick-figure animation and for VFX the participants have to choose one theme (four themes given) and have to make a corresponding video. The problem statement can be found on the AXIS website (www. Please do share this event with your students as this will be a golden opportunity for them to put to use the various animations skills imparted by your institute into real practice and compete on a pan-India level. This will also be an infinite learning experience for us to roll out this event on an all-India basis as we intend to cover more than 500 institutes in our publicity and gather participants. Exciting cash prizes to be won from this event!! Please find the problem statement attached with this mail. Please do revert back to this mail in case of any query. Awaiting quality participation from your esteemed institute!
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Re: techvere

Postby Charles » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:54 am

The event takes place September 20-22 2013.

Here's a link...

Daily Z

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Re: techvere

Postby techverve » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:20 am

Its an online you can submit your video by uploading it in youtube......Prizes worth of $250 to be won....! Last date for submission of video is on or before September 18th 201
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