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2010 AniMazSpot Festival was memorable!

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2010 AniMazSpot Festival was memorable!

Postby Charles » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:49 pm


This is our first email blast for quite awhile, and there probably won’t be as many in the future now that word is being spread by others on our annual Weekend of Animated Shorts festival.

This festival went very well, much better than our first year, we were more organized, more animation savvy volunteers to help, more nominees attended, more interesting programs, and more people able to meet each other and talk animation. Woodbury’s terrific theater, huge glass enclosed atrium/lobby, and outdoor patio, made an ideal venue for all of this.

So, we will be having the 2011 festival here, as well, probably September 17 & 18, 2011.

If you’d like more details, we have plenty. visit our website at But, here are some highlights as we head into our third year, hard as it is to believe:

Revamping Site: Beginning to de-clutter our website and making it easier to navigate.

Our Festival Juggler now routes everything from the middle of the Home Page.

Entries: We are now accepting animated shorts for our first 2011 quarter competition. Deadline is November 15th, 2010, Click the Juggler’s “Submit a Short” ball.

Inspiration: One nominee inspired us to do even more for 2011. Click the “Submit a Short” ball again, but scroll down a tad for our special guest from Bulgaria.

Juggler: Lou Romano’s “mascot” can be seen animated by clicking the Home Juggler. This was one of two festival welcome animations created by Woodbury students.

T-Shirts: Hand-made 2010 festival t-shirts will only be available through the end of September. Click the Juggler’s “Store” ball before they’re dropped from the site.

Bozu Bronze: Larry Loc’s unique trophy was awarded to the top winner for Best of Festival, for the first time this year. Photos will be going up very soon.

Winners: See all the winners and nominees by clicking the Juggler’s “Entries” ball.

Our filmmakers will soon be easier to locate with more links to their works.

Posters: These were also hotly requested. Click the Juggler’s “Store” ball again for Posters from the 2009 and 2010 festivals, as well as the UPA Tribute, 26 in all.

2011 Team: Beginning to form our 3rd year team, the big three areas are, Entries (to spread the word), Funds (to pay the bills), Events (to entertain the visitors)

WIA: Plus, Women in Animation, one of this year’s presenters is holding “Battle of the Animation Bands” on Sept. 25th. Go to for tickets.

Visit their blog for more info at

That’s if for now, and don’t hesitate to contact us for questions, suggestions, or comments on the festival, the website, our mission, or the world’s problems, or let us know if you’d be interesting is joining our quest to support creative animation filmmakers.

Stay tooned, tee

Daily Z

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