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9th Games For Change Festival - NYC - Jun 18-20 '12

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9th Games For Change Festival - NYC - Jun 18-20 '12

Postby Charles » Thu May 24, 2012 12:36 pm

"I feel strongly about this event because I have 2 children that are growing up the gaming and technology world."
-Sara Paul

The 9th Annual Games for Change Festival will be taking place on June 18 - 20 in New York City.

There is less than a month to register, so be sure to get your tickets now to catch the following featured keynote speakers: the legendary Nolan Bushnell, “father of the video game industry” and founder of Atari Corporation, leading games for change evangelist Jane McGonigal (Author of the New York Times Best-Seller Reality Is Broken and Chief Creative Officer for SuperBetter Labs), linguist and researcher Dr. James Paul Gee (as presented by the Games for Learning Institute) and a closing program with Lucy Bradshaw (General Manager, Maxis/EA) and Michael D. Gallagher (President/CEO, Entertainment Software Association).

Learn more about these amazing speakers here:

Full event program here:

With over 800+ attendees last year, this event is sure to sell out again, so remember that friends of Sara Paul can save 10% with the code SLR here:

Other featured speakers include
Matt Binkowski (SVP, Social Experience with Social@Ogilvy)
Sojo Studios founder Lincoln Brown (“WeTopia”)
Sharna Jackson (Tate Kids Editor)
Babooga’s J Moses (Founder and President, and Board member, Take-Two Interactive Software)
Afroes Transformational Multi-Media’s Anne Shongwe (Founder and CEO)
HopeLab’s Richard Tate (VP Communications and Marketing)
AMD’s Ward Tisdale (Director, AMD’s Global Community Affairs Department)
GameDesk’s Lucien Vattel (Founder and Executive Director)

Featured game designers include:

Chris Bell (“WAY,” “Journey”)
Ian Bogost (Game-o-Matic)
Tracy Fullerton (Director of the Game Innovation Lab at the USC School of Cinematic Arts)
Navid Khonsari (Cinematic Director “Grand Theft Auto,” “Alan Wake”)
Jesse Schell (Author, The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses)
John Tynes (Lead Game Designer, Microsoft Studios)

For the complete line-up of speakers:

For 9 years, the Games for Change Festival has brought the advocacy of social impact games to the industry's attention. It's where cause owners, foundations, and game designers are exposed to new initiatives to bring games and social impact together. Capitalizing on last year's sold out event that drew in over 800+ attendees, the 9th Annual Games for Change Festival will feature over 40+ hours of content from some of the biggest names in social impact games.

Friends of Sara Paul can save 10% using the discount code SLR when registering here:

For sponsorship and/or product donation inquires, email
Sara Paul

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